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The purpose of this web site is to help all those that are transgender, hoping that all these resources listed on the bottom will be of great use and help. It's a long, hard journey and I hope that I have made the road easy travel for those that visit here. Choose the links below to begin your journey through out this site. Each one of the links will open in a new window so that you do not lose the menu of links below. Be sure to add this site to your favorites list so that you may come back from time to time to see our updates. Below is a short description of what each link provides. Enjoy!

TG Resources/Help
A comprehensive listing of links providing information for transgendered individuals, support and advocacy groups, explanation of terms used in Gender Reassignment, and information about transitioning.

TG Legal Issues
Understanding and the attainment of civil rights for all transgendered and articles and resources on transgender legal rights.

Health and Hormones
Resources for hormone therapy and MtF transsexual transition.

Make Up
Quality transgender cosmetics and crossdresser makeup and makeup services by professional makeup artists.

Hair and Wigs
Wigs for the transgendered, name brands, long wigs, short wigs, and sexy wigs.

Clothing and Shoes
Accessories for the shy shopper with adventurous tastes serving the gender community. Lingerie, breast forms, sexy patent leather stiletto shoes, rubber high heeled boots, hosiery, tights and stockings.

Voice Techniques
Feminine voice techniques.

TG Books
Learning more about Crossdressers, Transsexuals and the Gender reviews of books.

Web Sites of Individual TG Women
A new page being added to help promote the web sites of individual TG women.

Add your URL / Link
If you have a web site / page that is about or for the transgender lifestyle, then please feel free to add your URL / Link to my site. TG personal sites are welcome as well, as long as there is no pornography or violence in your site.

Lady Niicole
This wonderful, bright girl was the one who inspired me to create this site. She is also the creator of the American Online chat room "Classy Transgender" found in category Town Square under member rooms.

About the web mistress
My name is Jamie, and I'm the one who created this site to hopefully help those that are in the transitional phase.

E-mail Web Mistress
If you have any suggestions or comments about this site, please feel free to send me an e-mail. Would love to hear your comments!

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