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-August, 16th 2005
UP!!! 09/11/03
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Now that I can't use my left hand properly, I can't play at games that require both hands, such as RE.....

NOOOOOOO!!! I'm doomed !!

I wanted so much to play at RE2 and RE1 Remake once again...and RE0....and RE4...I have to finish it for the second time....*cries*


Back, yes. I am. Unfortunately, it's under certain circumstances that I'm back at work. I had a car accident last week and my left wrist is broken. I can only use one hand now (well, I can use a little bit my left one, but it's quite difficult and exhausting). I can't work at my part-time job for two months. That's why I have the time now to think about my poor abandonned website.

I'll revamp it, but since I never followed any website design lessons, don't expect something impressive. I'll do my best. I thought about putting images from the chinese comics of RECV. I think it would nice and original. Although I didn't update for a good while (one year...I know), I continued to look for fanpictures, because it's still the essence and most appreciated aspect of this site. You won't be disappointed. I found more than 60 new fanpics of Steve, Claire, Wesker, Alexia, Alfred and Chris. Well, of everyone. I'll try to be quick and build anew this site as fast as I can. Remain patient please. Don't give up on me!!

Claire Burnside267

webmistress and handicapped :P
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