POW/MIA Internet Blackout Day 2004

A Veteran Tribute
American Veterans
Hold your heads up high
Wherever you happen to be
Let us honor you
And show our gratitude for your sacrifices
for your country

Those of you that were there to
fight for our new beginning as a country
we depended on you

The ones that fought against brothers
to keep our new country as one
we cried with you

Our men and women that served in our military
to protect our way of life overseas
and helped other nations find a better way
we supported you

Our veterans that returned home
sometimes broken, bruised and battered
with a heavy heart and questions
that were left unanswered
our hearts broke for you

The men and the women that never got
to come back home to the arms of
their loving families
we whisper your names in our prayers

Our fellow countrymen that are missing still
somewhere 'over there'
we will never forget you

Loved..revered and honored, ALL
We raise the Glory Banner high
It gently waves proudly in the breeze
Wrapping you in the strength and wisdom and
the loving embrace of its colors
A lasting tribute to you
Our honored Veterans.
Composed by kastf

Do you enjoy the freedoms
that have been preserved for us by our Veterans?
I then suggest to you, that you thank them
and say a little prayer for them.

This poem is an original creation.
If you would like to distribute this personal writing, please contact me.

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