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This site is meant as a resource for anyone interested in the profound teachings of Guru Rinpoche also known as Padmashambhava, from the Old School viewpoint.



The Jewel Spike Testament
Published in "Advice From The Lotus Born Guru", this simple and powerful advice to Lady Yeshe Tsogyal encourages diligence in practicing the dharma as our time in the realm of humans is brief and hard to come by.
Advice On How To Practice The Dharma Correctly
In this brief text the Precious Guru exposes falsehooods and expounds true wisdom, for example, "Oral instruction doesn't mean many written books; it means a few words that strike the vital point of meaning in your mind."
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Guru Rinpoche's Life Story

Profound to the believer, confusing to the deluded, the Guru's life story is in itself a test of realisation.

Reading Room

A Guru Rinpoche Reading List

A listing of books containing the Guru's terma texts.

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