Trimble Co., KY YOUNG Records


These marriages were contributed by Charles Young.  Contributions of all KY Young records are sought for this web site. Please contract to make contributions.

Adline K. YOUNG, 17 Nov 1875 to T. D. ENGLISH
Catharine YOUNG, 17 Jul 1843 to Isaac GREENWOOD
Fanny M. YOUNG, 7 Aug 1838 to Abner MARION
Greenberry YOUNG, 5 Oct 1837 to Margaret Ellen BROWN
John E. YOUNG, 24 Oct 1858 to Mary M.

M. G. YOUNG, 14 Oct 1875 to W. R. JACKSON
Martha YOUNG, 25 Nov 1846 to William MORELAND
Mary E. YOUNG, 5 Dec 1837 to Thomas ROWLAND
Tanner B. YOUNG, 8 Mar 1841 to Mary CALDWELL
Thomas YOUNG, 14 Feb 1854 to Martha MORELAND

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