Will of Philip V. Young

Barren Co., KY
March 23, 1832

Beloved wife Levina Young one Negro woman named Aggy and her children Louisa, bed and furniture, cow & calf, one horse, bridle and saddle, one set of knives & forks, one set of plates, kitchen furniture (except 2 large kettles and a long oven), one loom and gear belonging to the same, one cart and yoke of steers, and a tract of land containing 100 acres adjoining William Young & Jonathan Clark's old places, 6 head of Sheet, one sow & pigis, one sugar chest & 6 chairs, one foaling leaf table. At her death to be divided among the children.

Daughter Elizabeth E. Tunstall to receive the tract of land she now lives on during the Joint lives of her and her husband and at there deaths to Lewis & Joseph Tunstall, my two grandsons, equally between them. She is charged $200. for the land.

My three grandchildren (children of my daughter Polley Garnett) - Elizabeth Garnett, Eliza Garnett & James Garnett - a Negro woman named Tilda and her increase.

To my son Leonard L. Young the tract of land he now lives on except 100 acres to be taken off at the lower end adjoining Edmund Rogers, one Negro girl named Nancy. At his death, land to be equally divided between his two sons; James L. Young & John Young, and the Negro girl and her increase to be equally divided among of the whole of his other children.

Daughter Hudla Ann Woodson, tract of land lying in the Barrens and adjoining John Young, one Negro woman named Violet. Charged $200 it being for a beast and money I loaned her or her husband.

Daughter Frances S. Dodson, a lot of land adjoining Jonathan Clark's old place. Beginning at a chestnut tree corner to William Barnett's old place and to the survey I now live on, running thence south to said Barnett's first corner; thence east across the survey to the back line and so on to the beginning. Also the 100 acres excepted in the survey that my son Leonard L. Young now lives on adjoining Edmund Rogers, and one Negro girl named Malinda.

Daughter Martha Mitch a lot of land being a part of the tract I bought of George Hencock beginning at the mouth of my land and running thence southwardly to Philip G. Young's corner on his spring branch, thence east to the back line, thence north to the corner, thence to the beginning. Also a Negro girl name Mary.

Son Philip G. Young the tract of land he now lives on, running a straight line from his corner on the spring branch between him and Depp to the original back line. Also my Negro man named Vass.

Daughter Phebe Depp a lot of land adjoining Philip G. Young on the east side beginning at his corner on his spring branch and running south across the survey to the back line or so on to the beginning. Also $300 which I loaned or furnished her or her husband. She is charged $200. Which I consider her lot of land to be worth.

Son William H. Young a Negro boy named Moses and all my land lying on the west side of the road until it comes to the south end of my land thence to run a straight line south to Philp G. Young's corner on his spring branch &c.

I loan to my daughter Nancy L. Warder a lot of land lying on the south side of Frances Dobson's lot, running thence with William Barnnett's line and a Negro woman named Mary.

Daughter Anne M. Young the land I now live on, a Negro woman named Eliza and her children children namely Minor, Mary and Amanda. $50.00 per year out of the balance of my estate until she reaches 21 for the purpose of schooling, etc.

Balance of my Negroes, household and kitchen furniture, property of every description to be sold on a credit of 12 months and the money arising from the sale to be equally divided amongst my children. Leonard L. Young & Elizabeth Tunstall's portion to be in the hands of my Executors for their use to be meted to them yearly and at their death to their heirs.

Executors: Philip G. Young & Samuel Dodson. Witnesses; John S. Gee, William Young, Lewis Veluzat, Henry (X) Perkins. Teste: W. Logan.

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