Muhlenberg Co., KY YOUNG Records


These marriages were contributed by Charles Young.  Contributions of all KY Young records are sought for this web site. Please contract to make contributions.

Benjamin F. YOUNG, 1 Jun 1813 to Fanny WICKLIFFE
Catherine YOUNG, 9 Nov 1819 to James S. ALLENSWORTH
Charles C. MARTIN, 22 Feb 1839 to Nancy YOUNG REYNOLDS
Elbert J. YOUNG, 20 Apr 1864 to Alerrissa Smith
Elbert J. YOUNG, 20 Apr 1864 to Alemissa South
Elizabeth YOUNG, 18 Feb 1813 to James IRVIN
Elizabeth B. YOUNG, 21 Jun 1861 to T. G Hendricks
Frances W. YOUNG, 27 Jan 1842 to Jesse Sc. RENO
George YOUNG, 1 Mar 1811 to Peggy GRAY
George W. YOUNG, 30 Aug 1881 to Elvira Josey
Giredine YOUNG, 4 Aug 1853 to Richard Williams
H. F. YOUNG, 4 Aug 1897 to Jennie Love
Harriett YOUNG, 23 Sep 1824 to John BAXTER
Harry YOUNG, 15 Jun 1837 to Polly Ann WILLIAMS
Henry YOUNG, 9 May 1857 to Eliza Bruce
Henry T. YOUNG, 21 Dec 1897 to Minnie E. Sharp
Lena B. YOUNG, 3 Feb 1895 to John L. Duvall
Lizzie YOUNG, 25 Dec 1877 to Q. B. Coleman
Louiasa L. YOUNG, 6 Mar 1840 to Philip B. FULKERSON
Louisa YOUNG, 5 Feb 1846 to Alex H. KINNEMONTH
Mary YOUNG, 24 Nov 1886 to Ed E. Batsel
Mary B. YOUNG, 17 Nov 1892 to William Stinger
Nancy YOUNG, 17 Aug 1817 to Moses WICKLIFF
Nancy YOUNG, 23 Feb 1846 to Hanibal A. ROCK
Nannie YOUNG, 24 Mar 1885 to William H. Venable
Nannie R. YOUNG, 23 Feb 1888 to Virgil P. Carroll
Permelia A. YOUNG, 22 Jun 1853 to J. M Vanlandingham
Sadie M YOUNG, 5 Aug 1888 to George H. Neal
Sallie E. YOUNG, 12 Sep 1865 to G. A. Standard
Sallie YOUNG, 15 May 1893 to L. Reynolds
Sarah J. YOUNG, 22 Dec 1856 to Barnabas Rhodes
Sue YOUNG, 6 Aug 1894 to Asher Plain
Susan Jane YOUNG, 14 Mar 1848 to Joseph HUNTER
Thomas L. YOUNG, 3 Jul 1848 to Rachael DEAVOR
Thomas YOUNG, 14 Nov 1896 to Nettie Wells
W. L. YOUNG, 15 Jan 1890 to Nellie B. Harris
William YOUNG, 4 Jan 1858 to Jane J. Baxter
Zeno F. YOUNG, 29 Jun 1873 to Annie Morgan

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