Morgan County, Kentucky YOUNG Records


John Yong to Margaret Cantrell on December 24, 1893
John Young to Nancy Johnson on December 21, 1844
John Young to Louisa Greenwood on October 19, 1853
Johnson Young to Matilda Ratliff on January 26, 1872
Oscar Young to Amanda M. Bolin on January 1, 1874
Isaac Young to Martha Gillispie on March 10, 1880
William B. Young to Angeline Kash on September 6, 1850
William B. Young to Isabella Shropshire on May 19, 1834
(Contribted by Charles Young.)
Unreadable on the "Y" index page:
Jesse______ to Nancy McGuire on June 25, 1828
Herman (Hiram) ______ to ______McAlister on July 11, 1828

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