Marshall Co., KY YOUNG Records


Adeline Young to Lewis Mccornick, May 14, 1872
Baxter Young to Minnie Karnes, October 17, 1900
Caroline Young to Henry J. Johnson, Februery 11, 1864
David T. Young to Letitia Powers, July 10, 1864
Dicy H. Young to John B. Downing, November 27, 1858
Frances E. Young to George W. Mick, December 27, 1855
Francis D. Young to J. H. Eskew, Mary 25, 1895
James A. Young to Mary Williams, February 2, 1881
Maria Young to C. N. Williams, May 15, 1851
John Young to Maggie Salyer, April 14, 1898
John W. Young to Mattie B. Covington, November 20, 1877
Julia A. Young to Pleasant D. Sewell, August 24, 1854
John C. Young to Elizabeth Jane Salling, September 13, 1863
Josie Young to W. R. Pryor, February 6, 1898
Liza A. Young to N. C. Williams, September 15, 1857
Martha Rebecca Young to James M. Boys, December 12, 1889
Nancy B. Young to S. O. Lackey, December 27, 1882
Omy Young to Simon Oden, August 21, 1887
Tabitha Jane Young to George Roberts, March 10, 1869
Thomas H. Young to Clara B. Foster, December 23, 1893
W. J. Young to Hattie Ham, October 1, 1896
W. J. Young to Martha J. Brien, March 11, 1891
Walter Young to Jane Manley, May 20, 1897

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