George Lemmon & Agnes Elizabeth Young Family

This portion of the family information, contined from web page, was compiled by and belongs to Mike Peters We are very appreciative of his allowing us to provide this information here. For Young lines on John Young, father of Agnes Elizabeth Young Lemmon, that go back to pre-1646 please go here.

George Lemon, s/o John Lemon & Maria Anna Brunner, born circa 1738 in Germany, died after March 1807 in Botetourt County, VA. "Mary" Agnes Elizabeth Young, d/o John Young & Agnes Elizabeth Davis, born unknown, died after 1807 probably in Botetourt County, VA, married April 1758 in Baltimore, MD.

Children of George Lemon & "Mary" Agnes Elizabeth Young (John, Robert, Andrew, Sir John Lamont & Mary Young Lamont):

(Generation 6)
1) Frederick Lemon born @ 1759 in Frederick County, MD, died unknown, will written 7 December 1805 & recorded April 1807 Botetourt County, VA. Rev. War Veteran, married Mary Sea/See on 6 November 1781 in Rockbridge County, VA. In the book entitled "From the James River to the Hughes is the following:

"Frederick Lemon served as a Corporal in Lt. Charles Stockley's company, & May 24, 1845, his widow Mary applied for a pension on his service in the Rev. War. 'It is ordered to be certified to the War Department that the declaration of Mary Lemmon, an applicant for pension, with the affidavit of Jacob Lemmon, made before James W. Womack, a Justice of the Peace for the said County, on the 24th day of January 1845, was produced in open Court & read on the 12th day of May 1845...' This is not presently filed with the pension applications at the National Archives. He was paid $22.00 for the months of February, March & April of 1783."

Mary Sea/See, d/o Johan Martin Sea & Margaret Hessler or Elizabeth ???(probably Margaret), born @ 1765 in Berks County Pa, died @ 1850, probably in Botetourt County, VA. Frederick Lemon & Mary Sea were married on 6 November 1781 in Rockbridge County, VA.

Children of Frederick Lemon & Mary Sea

(Generation 7)
A) Martin Lemon, born unknown, died 1848, never married.

B) Mary "Polly" Lemon, born @ 1790, died @ 1876, never married.

C) Harriet Lemon, born unknown, died @ 1893, married (cousin) John Lemon, date & place unknown.

D) Margaret Lemon, born @ 1791, death unknown, married Thomas Huffman on 4 November 1820 in Botetourt County, VA. Thomas Huffman, s/o Reuben Huffman & "Caty" Huffman ("1/2 first cousins" They had the same
grandfather, but different grandmothers) born @ 1791, died 1847-48 in Jackson County or Kanawha County, VA. Margaret Lemon & Thomas Huffman were married on 4 November 1820 in Botetourt County, VA. Marriage information said that Mr. Huffman was from Greenbrier County, VA.

Children of Margaret Lemon & Thomas Huffman:

(Generation 8)
a) John Stuart Huffman, born @ 1821, died unknown (He is in 1880 Census records for Kanawha County, VA),
married Ruth Stanley Ables (her 2nd marriage) on 17 January 1850 in Jackson County, VA.

b) Charles McClung Huffman, born 1826, died 1913, married C. "Amy" Johnson on 13 August 1849 in Jackson County, VA.

The 2 sons of Thomas Huffman & Margaret Lemon were named after two prominent men & Rev. War veterans of Greenbrier County, VA/WV -- Capts. John Stuart & Charles McClung.

c) Mary Anne Huffman, born @ 1823, died on 10 August 1901 (verified by her obit), married Conrad Fisher on 4 January 1849, place unknown, probably Kanawha County, VA.

d) Elizabeth Harriet Huffman, born @ 1837, died unknown, married R. H. Brotherton on 6 August 1863 in Jackson County, VA

e) Catherine Huffman, born @ 1822-24, died unknown, married Weedon Carney on 25 May 1840 in Jackson County, VA

f) Margaret Jane Huffman, born @ 1835, died unknown, married Christopher Cunningham on 6 January 1859 in Jackson County, VA

Children of Frederick Lemon & Mary Sea/See Continued:

E) Jacob Lemon, born @ 1793, died unknown, married Mary (Weir) Crawford, date & place unknown

F) Thomas Jefferson Lemon, birth unknown, death unknown, married Susan (Lemon) Pitzer, date & place unknown (I have corresponded with a descendant of this marriage. Maybe she can give us more info.)

G) Sarah Lemon, born 2 January 1783, died unknown, married Thomas Phillips, date & place unknown.

H) George S. Lemon, born @ 1788, died unknown, married Nancy Gilliland, date & place unknown

I) Agnes Lemon, born unknown, died @ 1841, married George Hickle on 6 October 1818, place unknown
(a son, Nelson Hickle, petitioned for his mother's share of the Frederick Lemon estate)

J) Elizabeth Lemon, born @ 1785, died unknown, married Conrad Flesher on 19 July 1802, place unknown

(Children of George Lemon & Mary Agnes Elizabeth Young Continued.)

2) George Lemon, born @ 1761, died unknown, Rev. War Veteran, never married.

3) Jacob Lemon, born 7 May 1763, died unknown, Rev. War veteran, m. Jenny Gilliland, date & place unknown

4) Mary Lemon, born 1765, died unknown, married John Mefford, date & place unknown

5) Andrew Lemon, born @ 1772,died unknown,married Martha Bowler, date & place unknown

6) Jonathan Lemon,born or baptized 2 March 1776. No other information presently available

7) Elizabeth Lemon, born @ 1777,died unknown,married John Phillips, date & place unknown.


Please note that most of the Lemon information is from a book entitled, "From the James River to the Hughes: an historical & genealogical record of the George S. Lemon & Nancy Gilliland family." The book was researched & edited by Marilyn Sims Vadakin & Charlotte Lemon Haught. It was compiled by Marilyn
Sims Vadakin & published by the Lemon Tree Press of Marietta, Ohio.

The first 6 children of Frederick Lemon & Mary Sea/See are named in Frederick Lemon's will. I have seen this will. Two of those children, Jacob Lemon & Thomas Jefferson Lemon, were named coexecutors of said will.

The other four children of Frederick Lemon are according to Marilyn Sims Vadakin's book, "From the James River to the Hughes..." The book mentions that Martin Lemon, one of Frederick Lemon & Mary Sea/See's sons, died unmarried & that his estate was appraised at $1,531.28. Also according to the book, an account was filed in Botetourt County, VA in March of 1850 listing Martin's siblings. I have not seen the account. The other four children are probably mentioned there.

The information on the marriage of Thomas Huffman & Margaret Lemon is according to a book by Anne Lowery Worrell that deals with early marriages of Botetourt County, VA.

The children of Thomas Huffman & Margaret Lemon are verified by a deed on file at the Jackson County, WV Courthouse. We were made aware of said deed by Jim Wise, a Jackson County researcher.

The marriages of Thomas Huffman & Margaret Lemon's children are found in Wes Cochran's "Jackson County WV Marriages 1831-1879" except for the nuptial of Mary Anne Huffman & Conrad Fisher. Information on their marriage came from Mary Anne's obit published in the Jackson Herald, a Jackson County newspaper.
The Jackson County marriages for Thomas Huffman & Margaret Lemon's children are filed under the surname Hoffman. The "C" may be incorrect on the transcription for Charles McClung Huffman's bride. It may be an "A" instead.

There is currently disagreement between respected researchers about whether Agnes Elizabeth Young, d/o John Young and Agnes Elizabeth Davis, was the wife of George Lemon. Some researchers believe Lemon's spouse was instead Mary Elizabeth Young & a totally different individual; while others believe Mary Agnes Elizabeth Young -- was a child named for her grandmother Maria Brunner & her mother Agnes Elizabeth Davis. We are presently hard at work attempting to verify/document the wife of George Lemon.

Invaluable research on the Thomas Huffman & Margaret Lemon family was provided by my cousin, friend & mentor Tim Spradling. This was, is & will always be a team effort.

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