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This page is a register of those who are researching Kentucky Youngs. Those who are researching the same ancestor's will easily be able to find each other. If you would like to enter your ancestors you may do so by sending an email with the following info: 1) your email address, 2) your Young ancestor's names, 3) the place (county, state,) where they were born, lived or died, and 4) a time period your ancestor was there. You can register all of your Kentucky ancestors. Send the email to Please remember to let us know if you change your email address, so it can be changed on this page.

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Ancestor Names

Ancestor Location

Time Period John Young m. Margaret Cantrell
Marvie Young m. Walker Pennington
Morgan Co., KY b. 1873
b. 1901 Nathaniel Young m. Elizabeth Sargent Harlan Co., KY/WV b. 1804 TN, d. @1853 Harry Young m. Henerietta (Unknown),
Joe, Calvin, Nelson, Pleasant Young
Frankfort area, Greenup Co. Hanna Young m. Benjamin Stacy Harlan Co., KY
m. Owsley Co., KY
b. Nov 22, 1811
d. Nov 22, 1911 Thomas Jefferson Young
m. Mariah Copher Lester Vincent Young
Bath Co., KY
Boone Co., WV
Bath Co., KY
Fayette Co., WV
b. 1869
d. 1940
b. 1912
d. 1970 William Young
Thomas Young m. Elizabeth Hughes
Lincoln, Garrard, Cumberland,
Harlan & Perry Co., KY
b. @ 1730 Ireland, d. 1818 KY;
b. 1777 Logan's Fort, KY, d. Perry Co., KY 1857 Leonard Young VA/Fayette Co., KY 1850+ Nevels Young m. Nancy Combs Perry Co., KY and
Wright Co., MO
Perry Co up til 1840
Wright Co after 1840 Letty Young m. James Thompson Lawrence Co., KY m. 1852 Green F. Young m. Ann Simmons
William Davis Young m. Sarah "Sally" Ashcraft
Jessamine Co. KY ?
Meade Co., KY
b. @1807
m. 1832
b. 1834 Marion Jasper Young m. Parthena Ellen Dills
William Young
George Young
Henry Young
Louis Young
Theodora Young
b. Hart Co. KY
Green Co. KY
b. 1846
m. 1868 Cynthia Young m. Abram Terhune, had 10 children Mercer Co., KY b. 1825
m. 1843
d. 1894 Fountain Young m. Tabitha Chaffin From VA & NC to
Greenup, Floyd & Lawrence Co., KY
1813 + Samuel A. Young m.Susan Margaret Campbell, daughter Sudie Margaret Young b. Lyon Co., KY ?
b. KY
m. Elizabethtown, IL ?
Lyon Co., KY
b. 1844
b. 1848-d.1928

1889 James Young m.Mary Polly Quinn
Nancy Young m. Wm. G.
Robert Young m. Sally Bowren
John M. Young m. Nancy Louden
James Young Jr. m. Sarah Mortime Martha Young m. Wm. Morris
Eliza Young m. Neal McCann
Matilda Young m. David Hendrick George W. Young m. Diademia Rice
Mary (Polly) Young m.
Spencer Pigg
All Clark Co., KY

b. 1758
b. 1788
b. 1790
b. 1792
b. 1795
b. 1800
b. 1802
b. 1805
b. 1813
m. 1 Thomas Young, Isaac Young, Jesse Young Perry Co., KY 1780's - 1850's
1818 - 1870's
1842 - after 1910 Matthew Pickens Young
John Young
Matthew Young, Jr.
Warren Co., KY
Marion Co., AL
KY(b. PendletonCo., SC)
KY(b. SC)
b. Dec. 4, 1804 and
d. aft. 1860
b. @ 1775
b. @ 1771 John Young, b. Long Canes, SC, m. Mary (Gibson?)
Matthew Young b. Augusta Co., VA
moved to Warren Co., KY
Warren Co., KY
Warren Co., KY
@ 1807
d. 1815
d. @ 1810 William Young m. Annie Carpenter KY (their children born in Dallas Co., Iowa) m @ 1860 Mary Ellen Young m. James William Hedge.
Mary's father was Jesse Young
Shelby Co., KY
Aug 15, 1839
m. Sept 12, 1855 Notley Young
Joseph Louis Young
Mary Elizabeth (Young) Porter
All Youngs in Marion Co., KY
MD to LA to Washington Co., KY
Marion Co., KY
Marion Co., KY
Marion Co., KY William Young m. Lucinda Finley. Children:
Polly b. 1876, d. @ 1902-03 at Hyden,
looking for info on her death; Alford b. 1879, Lee b. 1880, Liza Jane (Lizzie) b. 1887
Leslie Co. Census 1900 & 1910
b. 1834 or 1843
d. 1939 James Young m. Sarah Heaton
Issue: Erasmus Dow
Cadwadler Young
Erasmus had children:
Jemima, Lucille, Paul Leamon, Harry Glenn & Nelledora Young
Cadwaller had child:
Raymond C. Young

Henry Co./Franklin Co.
b. @ 1880
b. @ 1880
Births between @ 1900
and 1908
b. 1910
b. 1910 A. B. Young m. Nancy Foster
Child: Henry Berry Young m. Sophia Whitehouse
Child of Henry: Robert M. Young m. Ethel Key
Child of Robert: Jestine Young m. John William Lewis
Lived in Washington Co., KY
Lived in Washington Co.,
Washington Co., KY
Lived Louisville, KY
b. @ 1835

b. 1859

b. 1882

b. 1910 John Young Sr.His children:
1. Mary (Marie) "Polly" Young, m. Thomas C. Kennedy
2. Elizabeth Young
m Robert McDonald
3. John Young Jr, m Eliza Taylor
4. Alexander Young m Elizabeth Lewellan
5. Robert Young m. Matilda J. Chaffin
6. James Young m Harriet A. Chaffin
7. Jane Young m. Unknown Roberts
8. Edna Catherine Young
m Wright Roberts
9. Thomas K. Young, Sr
m Rosanna Wood
10. Peter "Barney" Young m. Elizabeth (Rhea) Ray
11. William Carroll Young
m Sarah Jane (Rhea) Ray
m (2) Miss Adkin
Lincoln Co., TN in 1820s
in Maury Co., TN
Appears he was in KY
Garrard Co., KY
Williamson Co., TN
Salem, Marion Co., Illinois
Maury Co., TN
Maury Co., TN
Maury Co., TN
Maury Co., TN
died in Maury Co., TN
Lincoln or Maury
Co., TN
Jackson Co., AL
b. TN
Maury Co., TN
Maury Co., TN
b. @ 1760
b. January 25, 1785 ?
b. abt 1787 ?
b. 1795 KY.
b. 1803 KY
b. 1806 NC
d. 1868
b. abt 1811
abt 1831
b. abt 1812
b. 1813
b. 1816
b. abt 1820
m. 1839
b. 1822
m. 1842. William Young Montgomery Co., KY 1799 - 1830

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