Joseph Young Family

After 1740 - June 3, 1829
Augusta Co., VA - Laurens Co., SC

Joseph Young b. Augusta Co., VA after 1740, d. Jun 3, 1829, m. Mary Bryson. Children of Joseph Young:

1) Robert Young b. June 13, 1778, d. Oct. 27, 1824, m. Sarah Holland. Children of Robert Young:

A) Joseph Young
B) Rezin (?) Young
C) Jeremiah Madison Young m. Martha Stroud. Child of Jeremiah Madison Young:

a) Bill Young m. Alice Stroud. Child of Bill Young:

aa) Elmo Young

D) Elihu Young (Mississippi Youngs) m. Louise Fowler. Children of Elihu Young:

a) Minie Young, never m.
b) Linda Belle Young, never m.
c) Ethel Young, m.________ Hollaway, no issue
d) Macie Young, never m.
e) Lizzie Lou Young, never m.
f) Irene Young, never m.
g) Walter Young, never m.
h) Newton Young, m______________. Children of Newton Young:

aa) Gray Young m. Amos Rye, no issue
bb) Holland Young (son) drowned age 16

E) Robert Newton Spires Young d. 1891, bur. Clinton Cemetery, m. 1) Nancy Stroud, d. 1867, m. 2) Georgia
Bee Blakely

a) Elihu Young m. Louise Farmer
b) Reason Henry Young m. Mary Etta Stroud, 1869-1932. Child of Reason Henry Young:

aa) Newton Reese Young 1889-1932 m. Jessie "Jette" Dillard. Children of Newton Reese Young:

aaa) Reese Henry Young m. Margaret "Margo" Newman Martin. Children of Reese Henry Young:

aaaa) Julie Dillard Young m. Wilbur Glenn Keadle
bbbb) Jessie "Jette" Margaret Young
cccc) Reese Henry Young, Jr.

bbb) Nancy Ola Young 1890- 1975 m. John Clemson Henry, Greenville, SC. Children of Nancy Ola Young and John Clemson Henry:

aaaa) Maryetta Henry m. David Craig Purcell, Salisbury, NC, no children
bbbb) John Clemson Henry, Jr., never m., Chicago, IL

ccc) John Thomas Young 1892-1964 m.1) Inez Motz McCraw. Children of John Thomas Young and Inex Motz McCraw:

aaaa) Inez Lee Young m. Leonard (Len) Hubert Ledford, Jr. Children of Inez Lee Young and Leonard Hubert Ledford:

aaaaa) John Leonard Ledford
bbbbb) Lou Young Ledford

bbbb) Henry Etta (Cissie) Young m. Washington Watts Davis, 3 children:

aaaaa) Washington Watts (Dixie) Davis, Jr. m. Jean Crouch. Children of Washington Watts Davis, Jr.:

aaaaaa) Michael (Mike) Crouch Davis
bbbbbb) Brian Watts Davis

bbbbb) Lee Young Davis m. Danny Ray Mercer. Child of Lee Young Davis:

aaaaaa) Robert Watts Mercer

ccccc) Thomas (Tommy) Lawrence Davis m. Sanna Kay DeMilly

cccc) Joy Young (see 171524)

ccc) John Thomas Young, m.2) Georgia Bee Blakely. Child of John Thomas Young and Georgia Bee Blakely:

aaaa) Georgia Bee Young m.1) Lawrence Young, m.2) Jean Cannon

ddd) Sarah Emmie Young m. Ansel Blakely Godfrey. (Adopted Joy Young after her mother died.):

aaaa) Joy Young Godfrey m. Calhoun (Cally) Folk Gault, 3 children:

aaaa) Joy Godfrey Gault m. Wilson Stanley Gruber
bbbb) Emmie ansel (Emmie Ann) Gault m. Robert (Bob) Thomas McLean
cccc) Calhoun (Cal) Folk Gault, Jr.

c) Sarah Elizabeth Young m. John Calhoun (Callie) Copeland. Children of Sarah Elizabeth Young and John Calhoun Copeland:

aa) Nancy Lana Copeland m. Jack Holland Young, I child:

aaa) Sarah Elizabeth Young 1902-1972, m. Rev. James McDowell Dick (Jimmy). Children:

aaaa) Lana Copeland Dick
bbbb) Margaret McDowell Dick m. Dr. Frank James Wyman, Jr. Children:

aaaaa) Elizabeth Young Wyman
bbbbb) Frank James Wyman, III
ccccc) James McDowell Dick Wyman
ddddd) Anne Lucas Maybank Wyman

bb) Robert Elbert Copeland m. Mary Bowan. No children.
cc) Henry Arthur Copeland m. Rosa Moore. Children:

aaa) Margaret Copeland m. Rev. Francis Wallace. Children:

aaaa) Frank Wallace
bbbb) Margaret Wallace
cccc) Jane Wallace

bbb) Henry Arthur Copeland, Jr. m. Shirley Head. Children:

aaaa) Henry Arthur Copeland III
bbbb) Johnny Copeland

ccc) Sarah Elizabeth Copeland m.Harry Nettles. Children:

aaaa) Rose Moore Nettles m. Bob Ogilvy. Child:

aaaaa) Robbie Ogilvy

bbbb) Hewward Nettles m. Nancy Thackston. Children:

aaaaa) Mary Nettles
bbbbb) Charles Nettles

dd) John Calhoun Copeland (J.C.) m. Eva Goggans, Columbia, SC, 2 children:

aaa) Eva Gary Copeland m. Charles Murtiashaw. Children:

aaaa) Bill Murtiashaw
bbbb) Linda Murtiashaw
cccc) Beth Murtiashaw

bbb) Linda Copeland m. Louis Gilland. Children:

aaaa) Luke Gilland
bbbb) Gary Gilland

17154) John Holland Young, never m., 1859-1938

17155) N. Addison Young 1861-1941 Columbia SC, m.
Minnie T. Nunnemaker, 1872-1962

17156) George Washington Young m. Iva Curtis, no

17157) Martha Isabella Young, never m., d. age 23

NOTE: 1715) Robert Newton Spires Young m. 2) Martha
Stroud (Mrs. Jeremiah Young), sister of Nancy Stroud

17158) Nannie Young m. Dan Miles

171581) Truman Miles m. Harry Winberly, 6 children

171582) Eunice Miles m. Paul Watson, 2 children

1715821) Paul Watson, Jr.

1715822) Joyce Watson

F) Mary Young m.________Wallace
G) Rachel Young

2) Elizabeth Young m. Rolland (Rowland?)
3) Joseph Young, Jr. June 15, 1783-Oct. 31,1861 m. Dec. 30, 18__, Margaret Rogers b. Feb. 21, 1780-May 23, 1853. Children of Joseph Young, Jr.:

a) Henry Bryson Young, May 6, 1818, d. Jan. 31, 1872, m. Martha Duckett (Mrs. Robert M. Young) 3 children
b) Andrew Rogers Young 1816-1869 m. Antoinette Mason
c) Anne Young, Apr. 1, 1820, m. 1837 Ansel Hudgens
d) Robert McNeese Young Oct. 23, 1822-Oct. 4, 1854, m. Martha Duckett, 3 children. Martha 2) m. Henry
Bryson Young, 4 children:

aa) William Addison Young m.1) Elizabeth Simpson m.2) Preleau Young. Child of William Addison Young:

aaa)Sallie Viola Young m. William E. Neighbors, 3 children:

aaaa) James Addison Neighbors
bbbb) Aluwee Neighbors m. John Allen Dugan
cccc) Elise Young Neighbors m. Paul Stanley

bbb) Lillie May Young 1885-1952, never m.

bb) Margery A. Young m. James A. D. Young
cc) Elliott Young, deceased as child
dd) Elbert Young, deceased as child

4) John Young 1786-1837

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