Adair Co., KY YOUNG Records


These marriage records were contributed by Charles Young. Copies of the original records can be ordered from:

County Court Clerk
Adair County Courthouse
424 Public Square
Columbia, KY 42728-1451

Phone: 270-384-2801
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Arabella YOUNG, 27 Feb 1818 to Daniel SCOTT
B. F. YOUNG, 6 Dec 1861to S. E. Blaydes
Benjamin F. YOUNG, 24 Dec 1857 to Elizabeth F. Vigus
Elizabeth YOUNG, 3 Mar 1814 to John BRYANT
George YOUNG, 6 Oct 1828 to Viney TIES
Hardey YOUNG, 15 May 1842 to Martha ANDERSON
E. YOUNG, 7 May 1846 to Elizabeth SIMPSON
James YOUNG, 6 Jul 1861 to Margaret Smith
Jane YOUNG, 21 Jun 1813 to Christopher CHEATHAM
John W. YOUNG, 3 Mar 1853 to Mary Scott
Mary F. YOUNG, 3 Dec 1855 to Milton Polly
Mary F. YOUNG, 11 Mar 1869 to George Damron
Nancy YOUNG, 2 Sep 1829 to Robert CAVINS
Nancy YOUNG, 6 Mar 1851 to Dominicus Connover
P. A. YOUNG, 6 Dec 1861 to Samuel Green
Polly YOUNG, 17 Feb 1814 to John BENNETT
Robert YOUNG, 9 Jan 1818 to Elizabeth BREEDING
Robert YOUNG, 3 Feb 1828 to Sally BIGOR
Robert Cay YOUNG, 26,Jan 1837 to Mary Jane STOTTS
S. YOUNG, 27 Sep 1842 to Susan BARREN
Samuel YOUNG Jr., 11 Mar 1811 to Theodoshia WHITE
Sareena YOUNG, 20 Apr 1869 to Purkens Bryant
William R. YOUNG, 18 Oct 1856 to Nancy Jane Turner

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