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Jetta is pictured 7 mos. of age isn't
she a beauty!!
Best 6 class Champagne Jr. Buck Jan. 26th
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She took 2nd RIS in pauls valley, OK
   In the year of 2004 I decided I wanted to go for co-manager in the small town of Blanchard, OK at a continuely growing Super Sonic.  I wanted the experiences of management before running my own business in the future.  With the chance of this experience comes more commitment to the job.
    What this has to do with my rabbits is that I will not be able to make as many shows or have as many as they will become too much of a burden on my long weeks.   This also may mean less chances to keep my page updated. Also I have changed my main e-mail address and will try to update it everywhere on the page but incase I miss one this is
my current e-mail
    As I stated above that I want to manage and own a Super Sonic. NEWS FLASH!!! July  2007 this dream came one step closer and I now the  manager of a regular Sonic in Oklahoma.  I am out of rabbits completely for now.  My Mother and brothers are still in Champagne D' Argents.  My Mother and Brother's have many of my blood lines the CG Champagne Girl.  If you need to purchase any Champagne's contact Deboarh at defender@pldi.net, or call Deborah at 405-485-9465, located in Oklahoma.  Thank you, Danielle. 
    Newest update, Novmeber 2008.  I am considering taking my brother's cull rabbits to raise for our freezer.  I won't be showing I work way too many hours and being a first time Mother with a infant that will be as close to rabbits as I can get.  I am hoping once my friend Johny, the "manger" of the Blanchard Super Sonic retires I will be the one who will manage and be part owner.  Then once the bumps are worked out I also plan to return to show rabbits.

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