All of my jewelry and art is inspired by the idea of making new beauty from old and discarded things. There is always some discarded material to recycle.

Some jewelry is made from old buttons found in attics, basements and the back of drawers. Long forgotten.

For other jewelry, I use typewriter keys or pencils. The typewriter keys are from manual typewriters dating from the early or mid 1900s.

My art is reverse painted, generally on old salvage windows. The art style is old, dating to the early 1800s in America. It was originally called Eglomise. With reverse painting, the finished image is exactly the same when viewed from either side of the glass.

Take a look some of my jewelry and art. Keep in mind that everything is done by hand. Buttons and keys are carefully selected to create a one of a kind piece. Windows are painted free-hand without the use of templates. I hope you enjoy my work.

Cindy Mullen
Central Pennsylvania
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