They Turned Me Into A Woman


Joey Rydell and his mother Sara were walking thought Hyde Park when suddenly a UFO was coming out of the sky and making a landing in a clearing in the park. Joe told his mother that they had to get out of here quick before the UFO spotted them but they were to late the ship had landed and to beings came out and they looked just like us.

Mom I can't move. Either can I Joey what are we going to do she asked her son. I donít know he answered her. We have to stay calm he said to her They were taking inside the space craft and they were injected with something it put them to sleep.

When they would wake up they would be changed. What did they do us? I donít know Joey replied to his mother. So far they were still awake and nothing happened to them yet there was two other men and a black lady in the ship also they to were giving injections that would change them. Joey asked them what they did to them but there was no reply.

They finaly fell asleep and when they woke up Joey was in his motherís body and she was in his. What the hell did they do to us Iím you and your me his mom said now what are we going to do. I donít know Joey replied. I guess where stuck like this for the rest of our lifeís Sara who was now Joey said. I donít know how Iím going to get use to being a mother me either her son said. It will be hard at first but will get use to it. What will dad say Joey asked? I donít know Sara replied, but heíll get use to it to.

There was a man before he fell asleep he was a magazine. He went to sleep and when he awoke he was in the magazine and the woman in the magazine was in the ship he was yelling help get me out of here but of cause no one could hear him because he was a woman in a magazine and he was trapped in it forever. Another man went to sleep and the black lady two when they had awoken the black lady was now a white man and the man was now the black lady. Now what do we do said the black lady the man said we thank our lucky stars thatís all they did to us they could have killed us he said. We have to live this way we might as well enjoy it. The man asked the black lady what her name was and she told him that it was Dianna Wilson and he told her that his name was Tom Ryan.

He asked her if she would be his wife and she said that she would like that very much. A Man was next to a mannequin he fell asleep and when he woke up he was the woman mannequin and she was him she was saying Iím alive Iím alive and he was yelling help but no one could hear him what was he to do now he had to live the rest of his life a woman mannequin in some department store he didnít like that at all. He kept yelling help me get me out of here but no one could hear him yelling he wasnít alive anymore he was a mannequin. Soon she would be in some department store on display for everyone to see.

Why were they doing this to them they all asked themselves, but there were no easy answers maybe it was some sort of experiment that they were doing on human beings, but they didnít know for sure. Sam Saraís husband came looking for them but he couldnít find them. Where could they be, he asked his daughter Debra. Did they tell you where they were going to, yes dad they did they said they were going to Hyde park. Ok lets go look there he told her. Ok dad lets go itís starting to get dark and Iím getting worried that something may have happened to them Debra. Indeed something did happen to them there bodyís had been switched by the alienís.

When they got to Hyde park Sam couldnít believe what he was seeing. What the hell is going on he said to Debra, she told him that it was a UFO. Letís get the hell out of here he told Debra. But it was to late they were beamed aboard the UFO. He saw what they had did to his wife and son they made my son my wife and they made my wife my son, why the hell did they do that he said to Debra.

What are they going to do to us Debra? Sam asked? They changed Sam into his daughter Debra and Debra into Samís body. What did they do to my body Debra cried out I want my body back she kept on crying I want my body back please give me my body back I beg of you give all our bodyís back but nothing happened the ship started to lift off into space and away from the Earth. Where are they taking us Debra cried out where are you taking us please take bus back to the Earth but they kept going out into deep space away from our solar system.

To be continued...


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