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Check out Dixi's site for clipper blade sharpening plus other links for information on health, feeding, etc. of the Miniature Horse!
Tammie has an interesting article on the History of the Falabella miniatures.
Susan has a great article and facts about Dwarfism in the Miniature Horses, plus info on the champagne color.
Check out Kim's site for graphic pictorial on fetal development in the Miniature Horse. (Warning, this site is very graphic and pictures could be upsetting to some)
Check out Carolyns site for a treasure chest of information on the History of the Overo Miniature Horses.
Check out Sylvia's site for pictures of Twin Mini Foals.
Check out my own Miniature Horse Tack Catalogue, everything in the Catalogue is Custom Made to Fit.
Check out Joyce's site for How to Clip A Mini and a pictorial on the Birth of a Mini Foal plus a Red Bag Delivery.
Knee-Hi Acres
American Miniature Horse Registry
Cspots Minis
Hilliard Horses to Hug
Crayonbox Miniatures
Millers Miniature Horses
Lil Paint Miniatures
Carmacs Creations Mini Tack
I am listing some of my favorite links pertaining mainly to the Health, Care and Raising of Miniature Horses. You will find information on feeding, foaling, clipping for shows, fetal development stages and many other interesting and informative articles at these sites. Please check them out. Go to page 2 for personal favorites.
Kinder's page
Nicky's Page
Go to page 2 for favorite Personal Links
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