There are many stories about forced feminisation or petticoat punishment with quite a lot of these purporting to be true. Some of these are believable and some are partly so and some are all too obviously figments of the writer's vivid imagination. The following is the truestory of my initiation into the world of femininity, from my initial humiliating punishment to my awakening to the fact that I really enjoyed the ways of the gentler sex. The time all this took place was the early 1960's and the place was middle England. I lived with my mother and Sister, who at 11 years old was my senior by2 years. My father died when I was a year old but as a result of various inheritances my mother managed to provide for us very well without having to go out to work.

If you're looking for explicit sex or descriptions of strange and unnatural acts, read no further, you will not find them here.


A TRUE story written by Andrea

{short description of image} It was that sort of day, Andrew was feeling very annoyed because the visit to his Grandmother was being delayed until Caroline, his sister returned from her dancing class.

His full name was Steven Andrew but he was always called Andrew to save confusion with his late father and he loved upsetting Caroline. His Grandmother lived near the coast and whenever they paid her a visit there was always the possibility of a trip to the seaside but the delay caused by his sister's extra lesson was making this seem unlikely.

He shouted angrily again to his mother who was upstairs but strangely, instead of shouting back, she quietly asked him to come up and join her. Andrew found her in his bedroom and angrily demanded to know just how much longer Caroline would be. At this his mother spun him round and gave him a hefty whack across his bottom,

"I've taken just about enough of your tantrums", she said as she turned him to face her once again. "We have all made allowances in the past because you have been ill but you've turned into a spoilt brat. You make everyone's life miserable if you can't get your own way and the way you treat your sister is appalling, it's as though you think that she's some form of lower life just because she's a girl. Well, some time ago I read an article in a magazine and it gave me an idea to make you behave a better. Although, I had hoped that I wouldn't have to resort to it but you appear to leave me no choice, we'll start right now so get undressed, you're getting changed".

Andrew looked up at her and saw that she had a strange look in her eyes, "but I've put my best things on to visit Gran's, what do you want me to change in to?" he didn't understand but he knew that he'd better do as she had ordered.

"I'll be back in a few minutes", she said as she walked out of the room telling him to be ready on her return.

Andrew wondered if she meant him to take everything off but as he was already wearing clean underwear he guessed that she didn't mean him to go that far. He was still puzzled by his mother's orders as he stood waiting for her to come back, clad only in his vest and underpants.

The door opened and his mother came back carrying a large flat cardboard box, "I thought I told you to undress", she pointed to his underclothes. He was about to question her but thought twice about it and soon stood in front of her completely naked. He felt very embarrassed standing there because at nine years old he wasn't used to appearing before his mother like this.

"It's a good thing that I had got everything prepared, I must have known that you'd continue to behave like a spoilt brat" .She opened the box and tossed some of the contents to him, "here, start with putting these on and be quick about it".

He had to forgo his modesty as he stooped to pick up the small bundle of white garments at his feet. He examined the contents and was astonished to discover a pair of white panties trimmed with lace, a white silky vest with satin ribbon straps and a pair of white knee length socks.

"I can't put these on, they're girl's things, I won't wear girl's clo...". His protest was cut short by a hard slap on his all too vulnerable bottom. He yelped at the pain and hurriedly started to pull on the offending garments and at the same time they heard someone come in the front door, it was Caroline arriving back from her class.

"Get yourself changed and ready sweetheart", his mother called out to Caroline, we're up here in Andrew's room and we'll be ready to go in a few minutes.

Andrew, still feeling the effects of the slap stood there in his girlish underwear and socks wondering what was going to happen next.

"Right, let's finish off getting you ready", his mother's hands disappeared back into the box and she gently lifted out a pale blue dress trimmed with flowers and lace. He recognised it as one of Caroline's best 'going out' dresses which she had grown out of. He was unable to stifle a howl of protest when he realised that this frilly dress was for him to wear, but this howl changed to a cry of pain as two more slaps landed on target.

Caroline overheard his sobs from her room and called out to find out what was happening. His mother reassured her daughter through the closed door of the bedroom that there was nothing to worry about and told her to wait for them downstairs when she was ready. Then, carrying the dress approached the still weeping Andrew who cowered back against the wall.

"Now co-operate or you'll be sorry", she said with an undisguised threat in her voice and Andrew, realising that it was pointless to argue, had no option but to obey. The next few minutes seemed to pass in a haze, images of frills, lace, net and ribbons merged together in a mixture of confused images and emotions.

In less than twenty minutes the children's mother opened the door to the lounge where Caroline was waiting. Behind her followed a very pretty little girl of about eight or nine years old dressed in pale blue and white.

Her dress had a short full skirt supported by layers of white net and was trimmed with white lace and had a large white bow at the back. The image was completed by a pair of white knee-length socks, pale blue open toed sandals and in her short bobbed hair she wore a white band of ribbon. The whole effect was delightful but was somewhat spoiled by her red puffy eyes indicating a recent bout of crying.
Caroline wasn't able to see this little girl because her view was blocked by her mother who was standing in the doorway. If she had been able to see however, she would soon have realised that this pretty little 'girl' was none other than her brother Andrew wearing one of her outgrown dresses.

Still standing in the doorway their mother spoke to Caroline, "good, you're all ready, we'll get going shortly".

Caroline had recently started to dress in a more 'grown up' fashion and had started to leave her 'little girl' image behind. She had persuaded her mother to allow her to wear stockings for 'best' occasions instead of socks and even a little make-up, she was feeling quite a young lady in her new slim fitting shift dress.

Andrew, on the other hand, still standing in the hallway was not feeling happy at all. His emotions were switching rapidly between embarrassment, humiliation, anger and confusion; he was totally bewildered. The most difficult thing he had to cope with was the image of his reflection in the mirror seemingly etched in his brain. When his mother had finished his transformation she had made him look at himself in the full- length mirror. Instead of looking like a boy in a dress, as he had expected, he saw that he looked exactly like a pretty little girl. That was probably the hardest thing for him to comprehend, he looked so very feminine and this lasting vision was adding to his confused emotions.

His mother turned to look at him and then spoke to Caroline, "I've got a little surprise for you".

Then, moving out of the way she told him to come in and show himself. Andrew walked nervously into the room, he wasn't sure what to do with his hands as he had discovered there were no pockets in dresses and if he held his arms down his sides they just disappeared into the folds of his skirts. He ended up clasping his hands in front in a very girlish manner.

Caroline first looked puzzled when she saw him as though she didn't know who he was, then as realisation dawned, her face developed a wide grin and she moved forward to inspect him.

"Hey, it's Andrew wearing one of my old dresses, oh doesn't he look cute", she enthused and started to inspect him closely. "It really suits you, if you're coming to Gran's like that you can be my little sister.

Oh! Look he's been crying". This show of genuine concern, something he had never heard before from his sister, was enough to start the tears flowing again. "Now don't cry, you'll make your eyes even redder and you don't want to spoil the way you look, do you?" Caroline produced a hankie and helped the thoroughly demoralised little boy dry his tears. "We'll have a super time at Gran's with you looking like my sister".

Turning to her mother, "Oh my, he does look super? He's just like a little doll, please can he wear my old dresses more often?"

Their mother looked at them both approvingly; Caroline's reaction to Andrew's transformation could not have been better. Now, perhaps she wouldn't have to put up with their incessant arguments, for today at least. "Come along you two, it's time we were getting on if we're to get there in time for lunch. Gran will be looking out for us".

Gran wasn't the children's real grandmother but a very old friend of the family, as they had no grandparents 'Gran' had been more or less adopted as a natural substitute. She was a remarkable lady who, at well past ninety, still did most of the running of her household. Both Andrew and Caroline loved visiting her large rambling house stuffed full of objects and curios, plus it had the added benefit of a very large garden.

"Right then, Caroline, you lock the front door while I get the car out".

Andrew wanted to scream that there was no way he was going to expose himself to the outside world wearing one of his sister's dresses but somehow he felt so demoralised all the fight had gone out of him. After he reluctantly followed them outside he was immediately aware of the unusual cool feeling to his normally covered legs and arms. The dress made him feel very vulnerable and exposed; he tried to stay as much out of site as possible just in case anyone should see him.

Caroline took hold of his hand, this sisterly gesture had never happened before and normally he would have immediately pulled it away. However, there was something reassuring in holding hands, it made him feel protected and his sister smiled at him in a way she had never done before.

They waited for the car to emerge from the garage and as it pulled up in front of them, mother called out from the open window, "come on Andrew, do your job and close the door".

It was normally his responsibility to pull down the garage door and lock it but in his present predicament he had forgotten all about it. He hurried round to the back of the car, reached up and pulled down the roller door then bent down to attach the padlock to the hasp attached to the concrete drive.

Caroline, who had followed him, tapped him gently on the shoulder and whispered, "Andrew, you shouldn't bend like that when you're wearing a skirt, you'll show everyone your knickers, you'll have to be more careful".

Andrew blushed and stood up straight immediately feeling very foolish, his sister giggled at him quietly saying that he needn't worry as he'd soon get used to it, then, taking his hand again she helped him into the car.

A few minutes later in the relative security of the family's large red saloon, Andrew started to relax he was sitting in the back seat with his sister who was still gently holding his hand in a protective manner. Turning to look at him then to her mother she said," you know we can't keep on calling him Andrew when he's out dressed like that. If people overheard they'd think it funny, wouldn't they mummy?"

"I suppose they would, what do you suggest?"

"I think we'll call him Andrea as it's nearly the same as Andrew and it's such a pretty name", she gave his hand a squeeze.

"Well, Andrea it will be", their mother gave a quick glance over her shoulder and smiled at them.

Andrew sat back in his seat feeling strangely contented as Caroline helped him to arrange his skirts and he wasn't even bothered by the fact that they left most of his legs exposed. His contentment however, was short lived, he realised in a very short while they would be arriving at Gran's house. He would then have to suffer the indignity of meeting her in this frilly dress; he started to panic a little, what would she say when she saw him? How would she react? The thought of her laughing at his predicament was unbearable and he had the added threat of going out later on having to pass himself off as a girl. It was all getting too much for him to cope with and he began to pray that this was only a dream.

After arriving they found Gran in her sitting room, Andrew tried to stay out of site by standing behind the other two as they said their hellos. His main problem was that there were so many mirrors about the room he couldn't help but see his reflection and that made him want to run and hide. All he could see was this little 'girl' in a frilly dress with a short flouncey skirt.

Then Gran turned to talk to him, "why Andrew don't you look nice, I haven't seen a boy wearing a dress since I was a little girl". She took his hand and sat him down on the sofa beside her. "You know when I was young little boys often wore dresses for best occasions, I thought that sort of fashion had died out. But then they always did say that high fashion goes in full circles, you look very nice, blue suits you".

No one in the room thought to correct her assumption that Andrew's appearance was a resurrection of a fashion of years gone by and he didn't know what to say about her complete acceptance of the situation.

"Right now you two children run along and have a play in the garden while your mother and I have a chat and I'll get lunch ready".

As the two left the room their mother called after them, "please try not to get dirty, we'll probably be going out after lunch".

They walked out into the garden and Andrew overheard Gran talking to his mother. "You know he looks lovely in his dress you could take him for a little girl. It's a pity his hair is so short, little boys had their hair longer in my young days and some of them even had it curled".

"You really do look like a girl", said Caroline as the pair wandered off to explore the large garden, we'll have a lot of fun today with you being my little sister Andrea".

"Don't call me that", said Andrew, finding his voice at last, "I feel stupid having to wear this silly dress". He sat down on a garden bench rather too quickly resulting in his petticoats pushing his skirt up at the front giving an uninterrupted view of his underwear.

Caroline couldn't help giggling at him as he struggled to regain his dignity, "please don't laugh at me, it's all right for you because you're not wearing this sort of thing". A tear of frustration started to run down his cheek, "I hate having to dress like a girl I can hardly do anything without showing off my frilly knickers. You don't wear things like this so why do I have to? I wish I was dead", a few more tears started to follow.

Caroline sat down beside him and put her arm around his shoulders, pulling him close to her in an effort to give some comfort. "Now there's no need to cry, I did wear things like that until mummy decided that I was growing up and you look far too young to wear something like this". She indicated her 'grown up' fashionable outfit. "Wearing a dress like that is not such a bad thing and you really do look pretty in it". She wiped his tears with her hankie, "what's so bad about pretending to be my little sister? Let's think of it as a game and we'll have lots of fun fooling people and I'll agree to call you Andrea only when we might be overheard".

"But I feel so ashamed", said the sad little boy, "if any of my friends saw me I'd never live it down". He started to feel a little better and felt comfort in his sister's arm around him. "All right, I'll give it a try but please don't make fun of me, I'm not used to all these frills and flounces".

"Of course I won't make fun of you", she smiled at him, "and even if we did see any of your friends it's doubtful they'd recognise you and I'll help you to be the prettiest little sister ever. Now let's start with a little advice, when you sit down when wearing stiff petticoats, try to perch on the front of the seat at first then lift your skirts up at the back and slide backwards until you're sitting comfortably. That way you won't have the problems you've just had".

Gran called to them to come and get lunch and the two women watched as both children came skipping hand in hand towards them. Their mother watched them coming and wondered to herself. It was as if Andrew's dress had cast a spell on both of them, he was far more placid and mild mannered and she was obviously relishing her protective role. What was even more amazing was that for the first time since she could remember they were friends.

She had had reservations about her actions that morning and had been very tempted to let him change back into his normal clothes after she had revealed him to Caroline. She hated to see him cry but she had made up her mind and decided to go ahead because she was desperate, despite the consequences. She found her own feelings getting confused, she was really enjoying the site of her two little 'girls' skipping across the lawn towards. Andrew looked so cute and she found herself picturing him in all sorts of girl's outfits.

During lunch they discussed plans for the rest of the day, Gran, despite resisting for years, had decided to buy a television and had asked the children's mother to accompany her to the store for advice. They decided that first thing in the afternoon they would all visit the park then go shopping for the television on the way back.

{short description of image}

The children loved the park as it had an aviary with lots of exotic colourful birds plus it had a playground, a boating lake and lots of other exciting things. Andrew clutched Caroline's hand tightly as they left the car by the park gates, terrified that someone would guess his secret. He needn't have worried as no one took any notice of him but he still felt very vulnerable in his dress. The two women decided to go and sit by the lake while the children went on an exploration.

They walked through the aviary seeing all the brightly coloured birds and then went to see what the rest of the park offered. Andrew was getting more and more confident and was starting to enjoy fooling all the people around him into assuming that he was a girl.

They passed by the tennis courts and watched four girls playing doubles in the bright sunshine. Three of them were wearing white pleated tennis skirts continually revealing rows of lace on their bottoms and the fourth was dressed in shorts. Andrew found himself wondering why the fourth girl would want to wear shorts when she could have worn a pretty skirt like the other three. He also started to look at other girls and at what they were wearing, these thoughts were puzzling, he had never bothered about any girl's appearance before.

They wandered into the playground and with advice from Caroline about what he could, or couldn't, do clothed as he was, they settled in the end on a ride on the swings. After a while two of the tennis players arrived still in their pleated tennis skirts, Andrew watched fascinated as they clambered up the steps to the slide, not bothering about showing off their all to obvious frilly underwear. He started to wonder what it would be like to wear something like that, or for that matter, any of the other outfits he saw clothing the other girls around. Although he wouldn't have admitted it, he was starting to enjoy the wonderful feeling of freedom his skirt afforded and it's delicious rustle as it brushed against his legs. As his thoughts focussed something started to happen in his panties, it was the beginning of an erection, which increased as his excitement and delight grew, he felt embarrassed by this and was glad that it was hidden from view by his layers of net petticoats.

Time passed and the two decided they would go up onto an apparatus called the 'bridge' to see if they could spot the adults by the lake. This consisted of an elevated walkway accessed by ladders or steps; it had ropes attached to an open arch section to enable the more daring to descend rapidly to the ground below. At Caroline's recommendation they climbed up via the steps as she didn't think their present attire was appropriate for scrambling up ladders. They found that by looking from the centre of the raised arch they could see both their mother and Gran in the distance still sitting by the lake.

It was then that the light breeze started playing tricks with Andrew's skirts. Catching him completely off his guard he experienced something which only girls normally have to endure, his skirts flew up around his neck exposing his laced panties. He couldn't help letting out an involuntary giggle of delight as he struggled to regain his dignity.

Caroline turned round and looked at the still giggling Andrew with a rather puzzled look on her face. She had half-expected tears from him when something embarrassing like that happened but all she saw was a blush from the still giggling boy. "You're starting to really enjoy wearing that aren't you? I can see we'll have to sort out some more skirts for you to wear when we get home".

Andrew couldn't explain it, but something had happened during that afternoon; instead of feeling totally demoralised he had to admit to himself that he was really enjoying being a girl. He knew that he would never admit this fact to anyone but he secretly wanted this feeling to go on forever.

Their visit to the park drew to a close and they all found themselves in a large department store for the purchase of Gran's television. That accomplished they went to the women's outfitting department for Gran to buy herself a pair of gloves. Caroline brought to the attention of her mother and Andrew a large sign above one of the counters proclaiming 'Stock Clearance Sale: All Wigs and Hairpieces at Least Half- Price'.

She was obviously excited but talked quietly to avoid being overheard by others in the department, "look, if we got Andrew a wig he would look super as his hair is not really long enough for a girl. Please say you'll get him one, they don't cost very much".

Gran, who had finished buying her gloves overheard Caroline's plea, "yes, in my young day little boys tended to have their hair quite long". She smiled at the children; "some even had their hair curled. I'll tell you what, if there is one suitable I'll buy him one as my treat".

This seemed like an opportunity too good to miss and they then spent a few minutes selecting a suitable hairpiece or wig. They settled on a shoulder length model, which was of his own colour, it had a fringe and fell to the shoulders in soft gentle curls.

They left the store with Andrew wearing the wig and looking even more like Caroline's pretty little sister. The effect on him had been truly amazing; it seemed like the little boy in disguise was no longer there. It was as if he had really become a little girl. He had to keep looking at himself in any convenient mirror or reflective surface. During the remainder of the day he yearned to ask if he could dress like this again and again but he realised that he must not appear to be too eager. He was afraid that if he appeared to be enjoying it too much he would be prevented from wearing dresses forever and he so wanted to be able to repeat the experience over and over again.

The rest of the day went by as if in a dream for Andrew and with the arrival of bedtime it was with reluctance that Andrea had to return to being Andrew once again. He carefully removed his wig and all the other items of his female disguise. He lay them all reverently on a chair and went to bed in a state of confusion and contentment. Sleep that night was full of strange dreams, he dreamt of going to school wearing a skirt and was puzzled by the fact that no one appeared to notice. He also dreamt of playing at fairies with Caroline with both of them dressed in ballet tutus.

{short description of image}

The next morning he sensed that Caroline was disappointed when she saw him appear at breakfast dressed in his 'normal' clothes. Neither she nor his mother referred to the previous day, but when he got home from school on the following Monday he found all of his newly laundered girl's attire hung carefully in his wardrobe. He badly wanted to ask his mother when he would be allowed to become Andrea again but he couldn't summon up the courage.

What was worse in his mother's point of view was that they had started arguing again.

A couple of days later, after school, they were both given jobs to do by their mother. They both attended the same school, which had a strict uniform code. As normal, if neither of them was going out anywhere they would keep their school clothes on until it was time for bed. On that day, Caroline had been asked to clear her room of any clothes she no longer wore in order to clear some space and generally tidy up. At the same time, Andrew was told to go to his room and finish off his homework.

A short time later with his work finished he was sitting feeling bored when his sister burst in carrying a plastic carrier. "What do you want?" he said annoyed by this intrusion on his privacy but Caroline ignored this and flopped onto his bed. "Well, what is it?" he was starting to get irritated.

Caroline swung around and sat cross-legged on his bed, carefully arranging her pleated school skirt to maintain decorum. Andrew observed that this action was done as if by instinct and wondered if he would be able to act as naturally if their positions were reversed. He forced himself to stop thinking that way and was just about to yell at her insisting she left him alone when she turned on the protective look he had seen for the first time on the previous Saturday.

"Did you want something?" he couldn't quite keep up his annoyance against that look.

"Remember last Saturday's trip to Gran's?" how could he possibly forget but this was the first time she had mentioned anything about it. "Well I was thinking about it today at school, don't worry, I didn't mention it to anyone".

"What about it?"

"Well I was thinking about our uniforms", she looked at him straight in the eye and took hold of his hand. Instead of pulling it away the look on her face was making him feel strange and comfortable again so he relaxed. "If you take our uniform from the waist up both the boy's and the girl's are almost exactly the same".

He nodded in agreement as both sexes wore blazers with white shirts or blouses with the school tie. True, they buttoned on different sides but without careful examination they were the same.

"So, what if they are?" he didn't know where this was leading.

"What I am saying is that it's only below the waist where the uniform is different", he sensed she was finding what she was trying to say was difficult and he started to wonder what was in the plastic carrier.

She continued, "boys wear grey trousers and girls wear grey pleated skirts. I know our hair is normally longer but we are dressed almost identically above the waist and it's only below where we are different".

Andrew was getting confused but she reached for the carrier and emptied the contents onto the bed.

He didn't know how to react to the objects lying on top of the bedcover. There lay a grey pleated school skirt, a pair of white regulation school briefs and some black buckle shoes. They both looked at them and he sensed something happening inside him he couldn't understand.

She started talking again, "I wondered if you would like these as I've out-grown them". They were obviously part of the result of her clear out. "I know they'll fit you". She was looking more comfortable now and more reassured. "Why don't you try them on?"

"What now?" he knew he ought to put on a show of resistance but he wanted to do as she asked so very much.

"Of course silly" she giggled and squeezed his hand tighter, "you know how much you enjoyed wearing your dress last Saturday". Her words 'your dress' caused him to blush because it was 'his' dress; it was hanging in his wardrobe. She didn't even say 'one of my dresses' this made him blush even harder as he thought that there couldn't be many boys who owned their own dress.

He lifted up the skirt and looked uncertainly at his sister. "Don't worry, I'll turn my back until you're decent, by the way, do you have the white knee socks you wore on Saturday? Or, will you need to borrow some of mine?

He nodded and took the newly washed socks from his drawer while she swivelled around on the bed so that she was facing away from him. He then removed his school shoes and socks then proceeded to take off his grey trousers and underpants.

These were quickly replaced by a pair of white briefs he extracted from the pile on the bed and he tucked his shirt into them. He held up the skirt for closer examination. It was very different from the one attached to his dress and it came complete with a narrow belt with a little purse attached. He slid into it and when fully fastened with the belt buckled up he began to feel excited by the feel of it. The hem fell to two or three inches above his knees and he started to tremble, he was now ready to face his sister.

"I'm decent", he said, not completely hiding the quiver in his voice.

Caroline turned to face him, "there, I knew the skirt would fit, now let's complete the effect with the socks and shoes". Andrew sat down to pull on the socks, pulling his knee up as he did so. "No, not like that, put your knee down, you don't want everyone to see your underwear do you?"

He blushed again as he lowered the offending limb and as the last buckle was fastened on his shoes he was pulled to his feet for inspection.

"Almost perfect", she looked at him with approval, "I think this will make all the difference". She lifted the wig box down from his wardrobe and soon had the contents carefully arranged on his head together with a white hair-band produced seemingly from nowhere. Then, pulling him gently to his feet she started to inspect him closely, "you look adorable", she enthused, "come and see for yourself" and she led him to the large mirror set into the wardrobe door.

Andrew stared at his reflection, seemingly unable to take it in, it was true because although he was still wearing his own school shirt and tie anyone would have been hard put not to take it for a blouse when it was teemed with a skirt. His sister clasped both his hands in hers and started to dance about and laugh with joy. Andrew, not able to control his emotions, once again felt a tingling sensation in his panties. This time, however his little pleated skirt was not able to completely hide the erection so letting go of her hands he clasped his in front hoping that she wouldn't notice.

"Come on, let's show mummy", as she grabbed him by the arm he felt himself being propelled downstairs. "She'll love having Andrea around again"; he felt his skirt riding up as he was being hurried down the staircase and it almost took off as he was forced to copy his sister by jumping down the last three stairs. This sensation made his erection even harder and he became more embarrassed by it's all too obvious presence.

"Look mummy, Andrea's turned into a school girl", they burst into the kitchen where their mother was clearing up.

She looked a little shocked and surprised when she turned and saw her son once again looking like a little girl, this time in school uniform. Her look, however, quickly turned into a smile, "my word, don't you look a picture", she walked over to them and gave them both a hug. "I take it that this is part of the result of your clear out", she said turning to Caroline.

Andrew stood with his hands clasped in front of his skirt in an effort to hide his embarrassing bulge.

"Have you finished it yet?" Caroline replied that she still had a bit to do and was despatched to finish off, Andrew who had finished his homework was given permission to watch TV.

Instead of leaving he stood their in his little skirt looking uncertain, "what's the matter?" his mother asked starting to feel slightly guilty about getting pleasure from seeing him in all his feminine glory.

Andrew stood with one foot in front of the other, his hands still disguising his, thankfully, diminishing bulge. "Do you want me to go and change first?" he looked down at his skirt and foot-wear causing the hair on his wig to partially hide his features.

The woman was unsure of how to respond to this question, on one hand she didn't want to seem too eager to keep him in skirts, but on the other he did look so adorable. "Well my sweet, you can do whatever you feel is best, you can stay as Andrea or you can go back to being Andrew".

The little boy looked up at his mother looking angelic, "I think I'll stay as I am", and with that went off to the lounge.

Once in privacy he started to imitate all the gestures he has observed his sister doing when she was in his bedroom. Things like automatically adjusting his skirt when moving about when sitting down on the floor.

A few minutes later Caroline joined him, "do you want to help me with the rabbits?"

Caroline had two rabbits housed in hutches attached to a fenced off run by the garden shed. Normally Andrew wouldn't have anything to do with them as they were hers and as such, she would have to look after them. Every evening she would feed and sort out their hutches and bed them down for the night.

On this occasion however, Andrew, who was curious about going outside wearing his school skirt agreed to help her. It was late spring and although the evenings were getting longer it was still a little on the cool side as night time approached. He felt the unusual coolness on his legs and the strange feeling of the hem of his skirt brushing against them. He felt the tingling sensation in his briefs starting again but yet again Caroline didn't appear to notice, or even if she did she didn't mention it.

With the rabbits safely bedded down the two children set off back across to lawn towards the house with Andrew leading the way. Suddenly, he felt the back of his skirt flip up high above his waist.

His sister, who was the cause of his discomfort, started laughing; "now you know what it feels like".

Andrew started to chase her in mock anger but the role was reversed as she threatened to repeat the exercise. He then tried the same thing on her but she was too fast for him. He was enjoying the feeling of freedom afforded by the little pleated skirt when running it was a feeling he wanted to continue forever. They then took each other's hands and started to wheel each other around and around, this caused both of their skirts to fly up but neither of them seemed to care.

Their mother, hearing the sounds from the garden, looked outside with amazement, they were actually playing together instead of arguing continuously it really was an occasion to remember. She then had to call them both indoors as it was time for them to get ready for bed.

On the way upstairs Caroline whispered to him, "I've put a surprise for you in your wardrobe".

Andrew was somehow reluctant to get undressed but when he eventually was ready in his pyjamas he opened his wardrobe. Inside he found that Caroline had hung two dresses, he carefully took one out for closer examination. It was a white and pink cotton summer dress with a short full skirt and white lace trimming around the edges of the short sleeves and collar.

The door opened to reveal his sister in her dressing gown, "I thought you might like those. I've hardly worn them and I've outgrown them and they're much too young a style for me now". She took out the other one which was of a similar style in a pale lemon colour. "I thought they may come in useful because Andrea can't wear her best posh dress for everyday use".

Caroline then helped him hang the dresses and his school skirt back in the wardrobe and kissed him on the cheek as she went off to bed. It was strange, only a few days ago even the thought of his sister kissing him would have sent him into a rage, but somehow things had changed.

The next day was Friday and Andrew prepared to go off to school, Caroline who was late as usual came running in to get some breakfast. She looked at him with a disappointed gaze; "you're not wearing your skirt to school then". He thought that it was a silly thing to say, at that moment he would have given anything to be able to go to school in his skirt but how could he? He replied by saying that he wouldn't be allowed but she answered back, "well how come we girls are allowed to go to school in trousers sometimes when it's really cold and snowy, so why can't a boy go in a skirt now that it's warm? I mean its part of the official uniform isn't it?

"Well if I did my friends would never let me live it down", he was getting embarrassed.

"I don't see why, they might all want to but are too scared"

"Now enough of this silly talk, you'll miss the bus if you don't hurry", Andrew was glad his mother had put an end to the subject.

All day at school Andrew found that he kept looking at the girls and mentally noting their mannerisms and how they managed their skirts. He also got into trouble on more than one occasion by daydreaming in class. The problem was that he couldn't help thinking about the previous evening and weekend.

The family Saturday morning ritual never varied very much, they would all breakfast in dressing gowns before getting dressed to get on with whatever plans they had for the day. That Saturday Caroline had a ballet rehearsal in the morning followed later on that afternoon by the actual ballet performance. Andrew however, had nothing to look forward to; all his friends were either away or busy doing other things including his best friend Peter. After breakfast, he went off to his room to decide on how he was going to spend the day, he had already decided that it was going to be boring. He sat on his bed still in his pyjamas feeling fed-up when suddenly he had an idea. He opened the wardrobe door and looking inside thought to himself, if he was going to be bored as Andrew he might as well be bored as Andrea. Thinking in this way slightly frightened him but he cast off his night attire and set to work. He carefully removed the pink dress his sister had hung there, took a deep breath and started to transform himself.

The two female members of the household were talking in the kitchen prior to Caroline leaving for her ballet practice when the door opened to reveal Andrea looking very cute in a pink dress.

Caroline was the first to get over their surprise, "look mummy it's Andrea come to pay us a visit, doesn't she look pretty?"

The children's mother found her voice as Andrea walked towards them both, "I must say pink suits you, this is a surprise because I didn't expect to see Andrea today".

"Isn't she clever? She's got ready all by herself", said Caroline excitedly, "I mean without any help from us". She walked over to inspect and nodded with satisfaction at what she saw, "someone's been doing her homework, she even knows it's not always necessary to wear a petticoat, now what else have we here?" She lifted the unsuspecting Andrea's skirt; "you seem to have a thing about really frilly knickers don't you?"

Andrew had thought when he was getting ready that the frillier they were, the better he liked them.

"What you could really do with is your hair sorted out in an everyday style". She rushed over to a kitchen drawer, pulled out some white ribbon and in less than a couple of minutes had tied Andrea's hair into two 'little girl' bunches. "That's better, doesn't she look cute?"

"Caroline, you really must get going or you'll be late for your rehearsal". The children's mother urged, "and as soon as you're gone I think that Andrea and I need to have a little chat".

Caroline collected her things together and kissed her mother and 'sister' goodbye. As soon as they heard the front door close Andrew was taken by the hand to the lounge where his mother said she wanted to speak to him.

"What have I done wrong? Don't you want me to wear this dress? Shall I go and change?"

"Such a lot of questions" his mother took his hand and smiled to reassure him. "No you don't have to go and change, not if you don't want to. You look very pretty and you can pretend to be Andrea as much as you want to. The only thing I wanted to say is that when you're wearing dresses or skirts you must be careful not to let any of our neighbours or friends see you. People can be very unkind and they might not understand; you don't want them laughing at you behind your back do you? I think it's lovely to have two little girls around especially as they get on so well together but just keep what I have said in mind".

Andrew, very relieved by this, smiled back at his mother then threw his arms around her, "thank you mummy".

Later that morning, on a bench in the sunlit garden, sat a pretty little girl dressed in a pink and white dress. She swung her daintily clad feet backwards and forwards as thoughts flooded into her mind. This little 'girl' had always been known as Andrew until just a few days ago when suddenly his whole life had been changed. What had started out as a desperate form of punishment by his mother had resulted in him finding out a whole new way of life and after his first embarrassments he found himself loving every minute of it.

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This was the start of Andrew's journey into the world of femininity. A journey which would not be without it's problems along the way, but a journey which would also have periods of thorough enjoyment. Along the way he would find himself in all sorts of situations; he would join his sister at her ballet lessons, go away on holiday entirely as a girl, have a date with his best friend's cousin and even go to school wearing a skirt.

But that, as they say, is another story...

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