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Added by lizxphile at 12:30am 05/27/05
New pet in the adoption center! Spread the word and help get this pet a new home :) Will also be updating the members page soon - if you want any personal info on there, let me know!

Added by lizxphile at 9:40pm 05/11/05
Check out the Guild Book Drive! Rules posted here - get donating!

Added by lizxphile at 12:20am 01/08/05
We have a new section! The Avatar Tips page is up and running; only two there so far, but more will be coming out weekly! Enjoy :)

Added by lizxphile at 7:50 pm 12/07/04
Hi, I'm the new HTML Goddess and will be helping with the site! I've added a list of our current members - if you would like any additional information about yourself (or your pets!) added neomail me! More to come soon :)

Added by Hanalia at 11:13 pm 10/19/04
Welcome to our webbie everyone! have added a few things!
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