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This site , as well as Jesus Is The King Of Kings Discussion Forums , is strictly King James Version Only sites!
The King James Bible is the preserved Word of God for the English speaking people , it is directly inspired by God and contains no errors!
The graphic to the left shows just a few of the flaws found in the bible books that man has designed.
If someone has told you that the more modern versions are better or easier to understand and you bought it , then Satan has tricked you into laying down you Sword!

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With sad regrets , we have been informed that yahoo is closing down it's websites as this one. I will be building a new and improved website without the ads and when completed ; I'll post the link so it can be found easily. If you will contact me regarding this new site ; then I will personally send you the link to your email address.
There will be no further updates here although we have about 40 new sermons ready to be added. These will be found on our new site. The new link will also be posted on our forum.
Thanks and may God continue to bless you
Yahoo is closing this site , as well as all the Geocities sites , on October 26 , 2009.
I have the new site online , although it's not completed as of yet.
The new site will be called ......... The Old Paths Preaching Site and the link is .........

This is a domain furnished by my web host.
If the Lord is willing , we will have a more user friendly web address in the future.
Save the link to your favorites but if you lose it or need to find the preaching site in the future then navigate to for more information.
While I'm in transistion building the new site then some files may not be accessible here but most should work just fine.
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