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Emily of New Moon
I love Emily of New Moon, my favorite character is Teddy Kent!!

Emily & Teddy
"I want you to promise me," said Emily, "that whenever you see that star you'll remember that I am believing in you--hard." "Will you promise me that whenever you look at that star you'll think of me?" said Teddy. "Or rather, let us promise each other that whenever we see that star we'll always think of each other--always. Everywhere and as long as we live". "I promise," said Emily, thrilled. She loved to have Teddy look at her like that.
Emily's Quest

Emily & Ilse

Best Friends in the whole wide world.

Ilse- Best friends til' death... (Shook hands)
Emily- Best Friends til' death and beyond

Emily & Perry

Teddy Kent talking to Emily

"Don't tell me you can't love me. You can, you must, why Emily" - his eyes had met the moonlit brilliance of hers for a moment - "you do"
Teddy Kent ~ Emily's Quest

Perry & Ilse

"Remind me never to mess with you!"
Perry to Ilse when breaking up a fight between Rhoda and Ilse at school in "Falling Angels"

Emily ... "I'm always doing what other people say."
Jimmy ... "You never do what other people say."
"Book of Yesterday"

Main Cast

Emily Byrd Starr - Martha MacIsaac
Aunt Elizabeth - Susan Clark
Aunt Laura - Sheila McCarthy
Cousin Jimmy - Stephen McHattie
Ilse Burnley - Jessica Pellerin
Perry Miller - Kris Lemche
Teddy Kent - Shawn Roberts
Isabel Murray - Linda Thorson
Uncle Malcolm Murray - John Neville

Rest of Cast Listed Alphabetically by Character Name

Aida Pickett (one episode in season 3) - Susan Clark
Beatrice Burnley - Beverly Pellerin
Mrs. Bowles Sr. - Sheena Larkin
Miss Brownell - Leni Parker
Doctor Allan Burnley - Richard Donat
Dr. Ned Campbell - Tom McCamus
Great Aunt Caroline Priest - Joan Orenstein
Mr. Francis Carpenter - Chip Chuipka
Charles Dickens - Robert Benson
Dean Priest - Eric Uren (credited as Eric U'ren)
Douglas Starr - Michael Moriarty
Duncan McHugh - William Greenblatt
Emily Byrd Starr at age 5 - Sarah Briand
Eve Kinch - Lisa Houle
Eve Kinch (in Under the Wishing Moon) - Martha Burns
Father Ducharme - Normand Bissonnette
Ian Bowles - Peter Donaldson
Iris Burnley - Lisa Houle
Jack Hazard - Adam Frost
Jenny Strang - MacKenzie Donaldson
Josie Kinch - Gay Hauser
Juliet Starr - Claire Rankin
Mrs. (Mildred) Kent - Carroll Godsman
Mr. (Abner) Kinch - Ken Pogue
Lofty John - Maury Chaykin
Madame Marlena - Barbara Feldon
Mrs. MacDonald - Lynda Lewis
Mad Man Morrison - Greg Malone
Maida Flynn - Liisa Repo-Martell
Maisie Adams - Maisie Jenkins
Margaux Lavoie - Jacqueline Mackenzie
Maud Dutton - Catherine Fitch
Mr. McGregor - Don McManus
Megan Moore - Martha Henry
Great Aunt Nancy Priest - Phyllis Diller
Oliver Murray - Shaun Richardson
Miss Pick - Mary Walsh
Reverend Pitch - William Hutt
Mr. Plover - Bill McFadden
Rhoda Stuart - Emily Cara Cook
Aunt Ruth - Anna Cameron
Mrs. Strang - Linda Busby
Mr. Stuart - Jan Filips
Mrs. Stuart - Marlane O'Brien
Aunt Thom - Janet Wright
Uncle Wallace Murray - Jeremy Akerman

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