MidAtlantic Bengal Rescue Network exists as one small part of a nationwide effort through which people that have Bengal cats for adoption, can be found by people who wish to adopt a Bengal cat.

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        If you're looking for a kitten, you won't find one in rescue. If your heart is set on a kitten, visit TIBCS to look for a reputable breeder near you. Bengals are very popular right now. Kittens find homes quickly and easily. Rescue gets Bengals that are older (1 - 12 years of age).

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        If you have a cat that needs a home, contact the Rescue Coordinator via email at:

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        MidAtlantic Bengal Rescue takes no responsibility for the health or temperament of, or the accuracy of information given about, any cats listed on this page that are not in the immediate possession of or being adopted directly from the MABR Coordinator.

        Adopters are encouraged to visit a rescue cat in its current environment, to ask for a written adoption contract, and a written health statement from a licensed veterinarian. Adopters are also encouraged to get written receipts for any money changing hands in the adoption of a cat as well as a written return policy detailing what is to happen if the adoption does not work out.

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