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 This is a wonderful yet sometimes frustrating journey.

I am a parent, just like you, and I too have experienced this roller coaster: searching for answers, finding the right medical assistance, developing a an educational program, and helping a child to find the best path in a world that does not always understand.

 This web site is for those of you who seek knowledge to better understand Tourette Syndrome and effective coping skills to manage 'the beast within', so that you might possibly see the blessing of Tourette Syndrome

Because knowledge is the key to success, it is my intent to share information sources, so that you can discover your answers, as well as develop those strategies that will benefit your child.  There is neither right nor wrong with Tourette Syndrome ... there is whatever works for your child.

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  Here's a brief introduction about my role as a mother to two fine, young men Sean and Richard. Our family is now spread across the United States, with myself living in Tucson, Arizona and working from home, Sean living with me and Richard in Washington, DC.


Visit this page to see our wild and loving family. It takes a few minutes to download the display of photos.



  Because of personal challenges as a parent of a child with Tourette Syndrome, oppositional defiant disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it is my avocation to share information with other families.



  My career experience is multi-faceted and appears extensive, given a professional background in clinical research and a volunteer career in family advocacy and Special Education. You will also find a detailed listing of employment and education backgrounds, including workshops on a variety of topics. I provide these so that you know that I am not just saying that "I know about TS"...because I have lived with TS for many years.



I collect figurines (frogs, fairies, and eagles) and Disney music boxes, as well as VHS/DVD movies. Our home is graced by the presence of five furry felines: Cinder, Genesis, Exodus, Tina, and Mama.




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