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I am in my dreams all the dreams of the other dreamers. 
And I become the other dreamers.  __Walt Whitman
My name is Christine
Tarot cards are a tradition in my family and I have been reading them professionally for over 15 years.  My approach to the deck combines classic techniques with personal innovation borne of practical experience and my training as a clinical psychologist.  No particular religious affiliation or belief system is required to access the wisdom of the Tarot.  The deck and the reader are tools you can employ to make the absolute most out of your own knowledge, power, and innate psychic ability.
No blue smoke and mirrors.
No hocus pocus or New Age jargon.
No platitudes or sweet talk.
I'll tell you the unpainted truth as it is revealed to me by the cards. 
What you do with that information is your decision entirely.
The Tarot never gives frivolous advice and neither does it reflect a future which is graven in stone.  By enhancing your perspective on where you've been, where you are now, and where you're headed should your patterns of behavior remain unchanged, the Tarot empowers you to better direct the course of your own life.  Each reading offers pragmatic instruction in manipulating the possible through the exercise of free will.
Full readings given and individual questions answered on line,
by e-mail, and over the telephone.
Tarot tutorials for students of the deck --- anyone with an open, rational mind, an empathic heart, and a modicum of self discipline can learn to read the cards for themselves and others.  To see a more detailed description of my Tarot tutorials,
please click here.

Appointments mandatory.
Individual questions answered online or by e-mail within 48 hours,
$25.00 per question.
Full readings are $60.00 and last one hour on line or over the phone.
Personalized 'card of the day' or 'card of the week', $5.00.
Request a complete listing of services and charges by e-mail.
Querents must be at least 18 years of age.
For additional information, click here to visit my FAQ database.
Gift certificates available for all services.
Ideal for birthdays, holidays, celebrations,
and distinctively wonderful surprizes in any context.
All readings are strictly confidential. 
Your privacy is protected.
Click here to review My Tarot Code Of Ethics
Payments arranged through PayPal.
It's quick, easy, and SAFE.
All readings must be paid for in advance.
How to contact me:
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