Children and family rights
Children and family rights
This page will be about my family's story, and how I feel the justice system has failed us.
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Dear Congress, Representatives, and the American people

Iím exercising my right to freedom of speech.  It has come to my attention that the judicial system is corrupt. I feel that everybody in America needs to know whatís going on today in the court system so the corruption stops, and people donít get hurt anymore.  What has happened to my children, my wife, and I is wrong.  Itís not just happening to us, but itís happening to families across America.  Childrenís rights are being taken away, and itís not in the childrenís best interest.  Iím going to tell the people in America my familyís story until the wrong gets corrected.  I will show evidence piece by piece so this stops.  Children are getting abused, because the court system thinks itís a game. I feel that whoever has power, or money gets whatever they want.  What happened to a fair trial?  I guess that no longer exist.  I do know that is in the constitution.  Whatís wrong with this is nobody enforces the law to protect children.  For now, I only care about children being safe.  I will be sending more letters, and pieces of evidence until my voice gets heard.

    Thank you for your time,
     David Nelder
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Name: David Nelder
Here is one piece of evidence that I have added from our police dept. here in Ohio.
I have been sending this letter out to everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience I just started this page, and will be adding more to it.  I have a lot to tell, so please check it out from time to time.  I'am interested in hearing your story, or evidence. Please write to me.
Warren Police Dept.
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