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Welcome,  I am retired in S.W. Mi, living on a chain of seven lakes, with my husband, Ben.  We enjoy boating, fishing, nature, wildlife, and retirement.  We wonder how we had the time to work now.
We have 4 daughters and 4 grandsons,  They gives us much joy, as we are a very close family.
One of my favorite birds, is the wee jewel, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, I find I can watch them for hours and never see enough of them.  They delight me with their antics, and I still believe that they are just as nosey about us as we are them.  I also enjoy flower and vegetable gardens,  of course most of my yard is planted for the hummingbirds and I get lovely butterflies as well. 
We enjoy all birds and waterfowl, and even the wild critters that  come for a hand out  here every now and then.  We love the white tailed deer and see them often. 
Our hopes is that nature is respected and that it will be preserved for our grandchildren and their children.  For it is a wonder to see and enjoy.
Thank you for visiting and please visit again.  
email me! bear_boy_us@yahoo.com
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God has been so good to us, he gave us 4 lovely daughters that are a blessing to us.
He knew my love of the hummingbird, so he gave me these lovely 4 jewels too.  Now he has blessed us even beyond our dreams with lovely grandchildren to love and embrace. Thank you Lord for all you have given us.
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