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Ralf Schumacher Takes Time Out from Hungarian GP to Check Out New Four Lane SPTS Software!!!

Team Kingston Solidly in Second Place Overall
in 2007 CLMRS Championship!!!

Click Here for Results From Second CLMRS 2007 Race (June June12/2007) at C.M.R.

Aston Martin DB9 and Corvette CR5 at V.M.P. (Third Round)

Magnificent Ferrari 512's Used for CLMRS Second Round

Matched Scalextric Lister Storms On the Grid for Round 1 of 2006 CLMRS

Fangio in the Maserati 250F and Moss in the Vanwall are neck and neck!!

New's Flash for SPTS Users!!!!

Four lane SPTS is here!!!!

Due to the great public demand... Senior management at Scuderia McEwen International have changed our corporate direction and we have made all of our world famous software four lane compatible. LEMANS, BERNIE and MARIO are all converted to four lanes.
PLUS, we have added PROST, our basic timing program for four lanes (which we still give away for free to anyone who requests it. .
PLUS, we have a second new program, NICKI - the Rapid Fire Race Program, which works on 2,3 or 4 lane tracks. NICKI is part of the advanced software toolkit available to the SPTS User Group.

Check Out All the Software Here

The SPTS Installation Instructions have been translated into French by Bernard Theilans and are available below in the Computer Timing section. Merci Bernard.

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