Welcome to Rach's Pond, Sign the guestbook!! Hey people! I'm back! It is all fixed!! Yay. I know you guys have been dying to see my site back in action! Well you guys can drop me a line anytime you feel like it! The past couple of days I've been thinking about (and trying to) change my site looks. Since I saw this really great MD site with tons of pretty pretty stuff on it and I was so jealous! I luv the site but I wanted my site to look like it too but I had to have my own 'thang'. Anyway what I wanted to say is do you guys think I should change my site or does it look okay how it is now? Vote Here

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Last Updated: September 26th 2001
**Disclaimer: The Mighty Ducks : The Animated Series and all characters (Wildwing,Nosedive,Mallory,Duke,Tanya,Grin, Dragaunus,Siege,Wraith,and The Chameleon) belongs to Disney. I am making no profit.**

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Rach\'s Question
Should I change the layout of my site?

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