He entered the Royal Navy and saw much of the world; his love of the sea, and loyalty to the Royal Navy, was his great joy.

When he met me at the age of 20 I was 15 years old cupid, shot his arrow into our hearts.

On the 24th October 1965 Royston and I were married if you were to ask Me if I would marry this man all over again, my answer would be yes; He has been my knight in armor, shielding me from the world at all times.

Royston left the navy after our marriage

Our life together has been eventful, it has had it's ups and downs, but at all times our love has endured.

He is a proud man, but never to proud to admit when he is wrong.

He does not make friends easy but when he does they are friends for life.
His family soon grew a boy and a girl, he worked hard to give them all that they needed

Now we live in peace and harmony, and look forward to many more happy years.
Married at 21, he's my friend for life,
He gave me a ring and called me his wife,
His first born a son he was so proud,
Then along came a daughter his 2nd child.
Respect, love, and honor to his mother,
This lady that gave him life was unlike any other,
His grandchildren, fills him with joy,
Three lovely Girls, and two great boys,
This man called husband he gives me great pleasure,
He is my lover, my friend, he's such a treasure.
I give you this site with joy in my heart.
Knowing we will never part,
As we look back and remember over 38 years,
We know there have been many tears,
We look forward now to the rest of our life,
As lovers, friends, husband and wife.
Royston was born on the 4th April 1944
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