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Astro Love is about everything Astrology. Fun, facts, games, trivia, quizes, TesT and even a few quote pages of famous and not to famous Astrologers. Yahoo! has a pretty good astrology page, with everything from an on duty Astrologer to take calls or emails. There are so many others too. Astro Love is designed for learning and all aspects of Astrology. Encluding Eastern Philosophy like the Chinese Zodiac and Celtic Luanr Astrology. I will always enclude entertainment vinues. Because as Mark Twain so gracefully put "I have never let my schooling interfer with my learning." Check back soon, you'll be so surprised to see how fast things get going in here. There is a web group Astro Love Be sure and check it out, JOIN. There are a few Message Boards too. I will have all the links up and working A.S.A.P. Until we are Spirits fluttering in squeence again. I bid you

Brightest Blessings In Love and Light

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