Trolleycar '86 Inc.
Trolley History and Restorations
A history lesson of the city of Appleton and its Trolley Heritage from 1886 to 1930 and to
the people of Trolleycar '86 Inc. who rebuilt car #846 from 1984 to 1998 when it ran again.
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______________________________________________________________________ What's New
The Friends of East Troy and Trolleycar '86 have merged.  Chicago Car 28 and 846 are now located in East Troy. The weekend of Oct 12-13 2002 was the debut of car 846 at East Troy for their Fall Fun Days, the car operated flawlessly under overhead wire for the first time since 1958. Many improvements were made to 846 over the winter and spring including rebuilt brake system, lighting and historical destination signs. Car 978 will be staying in Appleton for the time being. All track has been removed from Appleton due to new construction by the power company on the site.

  The Birney car has found a home back in LaCrosse WI with a sucessful move.  


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