Do you want to know where Apolo is going to be next, when his next telivision, or magazine apperance is......well you've come to the right place!!!
Upcoming Events        
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March 29-30, 2002: Word Short Track Team Championships in Milwalkee, WI.

April 5-7, 2002: World Short Track Championships in Montreal, Canada.

April 13, 2002: ABC airs the World Championships at 5pm.(check local listings)

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Rumord Events
After the World Championships Apolo is said to be going to NY for a little R&R.

Apolo is supposed to be ringing the bell at the NYSE(New York Stock Exchange).

It is rumored that Apolo will appear in a Giorgio Armani fashion show.

Apolo is supposed to make an appearance in the Domincan Republic during the time of the World Championships(March 29-30 & April 5-7).
(maybes or maybe nots)
Recent Apperances
(where has Apolo been)
Apolo was just in Seattle to be honord for his wins in the Olympics and for National Apolo Anton Ohno Day in Seattle to be declared March 14th.  Apolo also attented a Sonics game with a close!!!!!

The new Rolling Stone Magazine which Apolo appears in came out March 22nd with Shakira on the!!!!
World Short Track Team Champion ships in Milwaulkee, WI-(414)266-0100
World Short Track Championships in Montreal, Canada-(515)253-9690 or e-mail
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To my total dissappointment Apolo will not be at the World Championships in both Milwalkee or Montreal due to a light sprained ankle and not getting enough training due to all of his appearances!!!
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