The Armies of World War Two
   Hello and welcome to 'hopefully' the best World War Two Research site on the net.  I am currently in the building process of this web page but hopefully I will have it complete in the next year or so.  The site is designed for anybody looking for data on divisions for all of Armed Forces involed in World War Two or for my russian comrades the "Great Patrotic War." 
     If you want to give me information or clearify some of my information please email me at  Please when writing to me, give the resource you found it in, otherwise I will be unable to place it on the site.  Thank-you very much for your time.  Oh by the way if you are going to have a link to my site please ask me for advice on the sites descripition, thats all.
     By the way I am tired of getting mail about the aspects of the Second World War (two emails is enough for me).  I just made a new site and is about the
History of the Second World War.  So please email me there about questions regarding World War Two history.
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The Axis Powers
Germany | Italy | Japan | Romania | Bulgaria | Hungary | Finland
The Allied Powers
France | Great Britian | USSR | United States | Poland | Canada | Netherlands | Belguim | India | Australia | Commonwealth of Britian | Other Allied Nations
Need Help Finding Military Records
United States
My Links and Resource Section
US Military History by
Center for Military History by The US Army
France 1940 by Nowfel Leulliot
Tracks and Armor by Francis Liew (the guy in Singapore) unfortantly I havent been able to contact him yet about why his site is down now.
Comando Supremo: Italy at War by Jim Heddlesten
Stones and Stones World War Books by Bill Stone
History of World War Two by Matt Hofstee oh wait thats me!
War World Two: A Statistical Survey by John Ellis,
Copyright 1993 by Facts on Files
World War Two Order of Battle by Shelby Stanton
Copyright 1994 reprint by Budget Book Service

And more to come just waiting on confirmation!
I Need Help!
These are the sections I need the most help on.
With the discovery of the previos book I do not need much more help.  I may in the future need some help with the components of the units.
Recent Additions
I have found some info relating to finding info on US service men during World War Two. 
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Was wondering if any of you guys would like to have a message board added to this site.  I would probally have a board for finding units/people, another two for general discussians on the armies of either the allies or the axis.  If anybody would like to see it just give me a buzz at my email.  just put Yes or No in the subject heading.
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