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For those looking at my name and thinking "HUH?", visit my biography, it's explained there. Now that we have THAT cleared up, let's see what I've got laying around the ole homestead today. Check the table of contents at the bottom of the page.

There were approximately 12,000 hits to this site from June 17, 1997 through March 31, 1999. Then Geocities gave me a new counter, but eventually stopped supporting that one, too. So I'm at a loss as to how much traffic I've had in five years. You can credit that to Yahoo! The only good thing they've ever done was turn WebRing loose. Thanks for getting out before you ruined that, too.

With that said, know that I am in the process of moving my five-years' worth of work to a new location. Not much is there yet, with everything I have scattered about the web, I expect it to be a year until I'm settled in there!

Table of Contents
Sports Miscellaneous Personal
NHL Infamy & Oddities
Philadelphia Flyers
Rick Tocchet Flyer player tribute
Dan McGillis Flyer player tribute
Major Leaguer Over 400 Player Site Links
AVON I'm an independent sales representative
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Links Assorted Favorite Sites
Awards For this section/site
Sign Guestbook Tell me you've been here
View Guestbook See who else was here

Driving in Pennsylvania Humor
Life in Pennsylvania Humor
You're from PA if.... Humor
Welcome to Dutch Country Humor
About &rea A biography
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A Special Thanks August 9, 1997
Joscelynne's Playroom All about my 4 year old daughter: photos, birth story and more.
Slickest Trick in Diapers The joy of parenting a SON

WebRings Section My Other Sites
WebRing Users Guide For anyone who uses WebRings
List of Rings I Manage
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Bob&Rob's Main Castle Our popular Heroes of Might & Magic site
Home(page) Improvements HTML Tutorials, needs updated, but is helpful
Stalnecker Family My husband's family tree, he talks, I type.
Wolf Family My family tree, under construction.

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