__W__hat's up

__I__n a closed club...
__S__ometimes comes down

__E__ven in an unusual gown...
(AN~A~Cross-tics written by Ana Claudia Antunes)

Are witches good at spell-ing?

Halloween is on its way,
All find the customs, don't delay!
Let's celebrate ghouls, ghosts day
Or be at home, but there you stay!

Who doen'st like a wordplay
once in a while??

There is one for the occasion of
a hunting building, which is to die for:

"An elevator makes ghosts happy
Be it for it lifts the spirits."
Or is it for it's ups and downs
Obeying the law of funny frowns?

Others witch's to wish:

The woman who rode her broom
Arriving to a crowded croquet game
Left as a wicket witch a room
Enchanting crickets out the same.

One witch spoke to another
when she cauldron the phone:
"Let's keep an owl on it! "

I've got more puns
that I invented just to have the bigs-mile from you:

To He (All) "hear" a limerick to heal:

H~e who sho~l~ves a bee a heel,
e~lated, he'll go to Hel,
A~s the Goddess' ring knells:
L~ife, Death, the Creation... well!
L~et it bee... but, will he?? He will!

Bee Wit: Bee in Pace, Be in Peace!!
~Sea una abeja,
Sea una flor,
Sea lo que sea
Siempre seras Amor!!~

Everytime you take a real nap in,
you really dream on a nap-king!

When Hurry Meets Fury

__R__ight in the middle of a forest,
__I__n the meadow, a lass and a lad
__C__ouldn't restrain; their affection they plead:
__H__os and Has, they just couldn't rest.

"__F__abulous, such a fabulous night!",
__U__rged the lass, so glad.
"__R__ight!" said, unimpressed the lad.
__Y__et his eyebrows quirked tight.

__W__ith caress, on the grass, they lied.
"__O__h, such a fur... bull... a wolf!!," she said.
"__R__eally, there's no wolf, but a lad!"
__E__nervated, in fury(!) he replied.

Cheat a Cat or Chit Chat...

Mommy Fuss on Baby Buzz:

Baby Mouse,
Already sage,
Barks, "Ruff, ruff!"
Young cat runs away.

Mommy rat says,
"Oh, I'm so proud!
Using to talk out loud,
Speaking a second language,
Embarks you in a new age!"

A Brazilian Nut:
Chew this tete-a-tete as a chic cheek-to-cheek shove:
Hey, I beg you to bear a Brazilian baggle bagger's badge on!
And then you may hear the result, not as an insult, but in a coconut grove
The words 'badge on' together becomes 'pidgeon'!

Let us be free,
Elated by a plea,
And go to the sea,
So that you can see
Enough to make you agree...
with me!

Just can I keep an eye on you?
I can tell you anything.
Me, myself and eye see a fling:
You are like me, red or blue! Ana C.

AN~A~cross-tic written by Ana C.
You may find more puns
and other jokes
on my JokeBox.
Have Fun!

Link: http://www.jibjab.com/jokebox/AnaBowlova

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