About Me

How to start this dissertation if there is a whole lot
About me that even I have yet to learn the plot?

The best way I can describe me,
So that people may see
My preferences in the net
It is in a dancing sonnet:

I cannot find any better way
To decribe my days
Than through short lines
Like whispers in rhyme.

Time seems to run,
Especially when you are having fun...
Every day for me is like a big parade!
I try to live in peace, and a world to aid.

How wonderful to have another year in front of you
To make all your wishes and dreams come true.
Desires, hopes, dreams, joys, toys, a big feast!
Hoping for the very best, to say the least!

Though it may all sound too much of a cliché
I live on Earth, which is a commonplace of a varieté.

What do I hope to gain from being on the Internet?

By applying the knowledge of building websites,
I try to create a world where I may invite
People to dance around with me, with words,
Tones and tonics, coloring the whole world.

I wish to help as many people as I can
With the touch of my magical wand,
With my Linguistic and Arts studies and strife
And the wisdom accumulated throughout my life.

Hopefully I am not being too idealist,
Or too platonic, for telling you this,
But I believe we can save this planet
By connecting to each other on the net.

For our Earth has been mistreated with errors
Causing so many sorrows, and undeniable horrors!

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Not even a small particle of trees
Was killed in the sending of this.
However, a large number of electrons bits
Were shamelessly in-con(V)ni(V)ent by IT!

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