I just published a book in Spanish. The title is: "El DAO Workbook Ilustrado" soon to be translated into English. I finished another book entitled " 'The ^Da Vinte Koans^' Taoist Poems"- A book of poetry and an anthology of twenty koans transformed into poems and sonnets to defy you to decode the codes encrypted within the difficult but simple.

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I would like to invite you to enter into a world of Integral/Intriguing Trance-dances condescended in another book entitled ^Many Live(s) to Love^ And The Eternity to Live. Buy my stuff at Lulu!

Another book entitled "Divin' Action" A Book with One Hundred One Poems, with Play-On-Words and Divinations. Buy my stuff at Lulu!

And I just broke my own record, w(r)it'n fo(U)r days! When the muses choose to use me, they surely amuse me!

Hope you enjoy all of my books as much as I enjoy creating. I do not have the illusion of becoming millionaire by being a writer, but sure it gives me pleasure when I read that someone in fact READ something from me. It would be just great to have the potent machinery of marketing just like Dan Brown who sold zillions for having a great name as Amazon behind him. Well, I really believe I was an Amazon in more than one of my past lives, but having this "Amazon" behind me doesn't seem to help me much, although the book I wrote about the Amazons has exactly the same descriptions and subjects, in much more details than "The Da Vinci Code".

The secret behind Mona Lisa's smile lies on the perfect synchrony between two natures. Leonardo wanted to display himself behind a female's face. Mr. Brown missed the point though: He didn't find the bow(l); and yet, he forgot the arrow. The Holy Grail resembles an androgynous figure. IT symbolizes the sacred union between the two opposites, represented as one Heart, one Mind, deriving to one Soul: the power of Trinity, which leads to the Holy Spirit. And I wrote those words five years before his best seller. Even a book such as "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" written in 1982 is much more "pro-finding" than his fiction/reality saga. But for a society that satiates its intelectual thristy with superficialities there are not many surprises. In the end sells more he who promotes more...

So if you like what I write, just let it known. But if you really enjoy it, please, pass it on!

"Once upon a time, some ten years ago, a friend of mine, ^and I just can't let go, my loving to rhyme^, asked me if I would ever publish my first book, which I wrote about ten years before that conversation. I don’t know if he still remembers our meeting at the Vilaboim plaza at a happy-slash/slap-rush hour in Pacaembu, an oasis of greenish foliages. Pacaembu is tupi-guarani name for a neighbourhood which makes one believe that, in spite of the grey scenario of buildings and pollution, the big city can still breathe and makes one remember that Sao Paulo was once a country site, with a countryside surrounded by Indians and a tropical forest.

We met in a small restaurant in front of a market place, just close by the University of Arts where I, five years earlier, got my diploma, in a warm sunset, when the sun touches the mosaics at the window of that building making a choreography of colours and shapes at the floor and steps of its entrance. It is like being in a trance, when one drifts around it. I do remember quite clearly everything he said to me, though, in that bloody summer afternoon. He is indeed All-reMarkable Lovelyman! And curiously enough, his middle name is Mark. He was holding a glass of “Ma®ker’s Mark” while he talked, stopping to sip a bit of his drink up like syrup, just once in a while, and tasting it at the tip of his salt-and-pepper tongue. And I just smiled at him. He then started to ramble about his creative job as a marketer, while he drifted off by telling me how one can be so left out by the market.

I said no words. He replied to my numbness, reassuring me about the troubles one can get by being so old-fashioned or completely out-of-fashion at the publishing market. My speechless synthesis maybe inspired his ever-increasing monologue, for he constantly enough exposed a little more about the metier, not the least worried if his rumbling ramble had an odd effect over his listener. All of a sudden, he stopped for a moment, and then he cheerily re-Mark-ed, with an almost heroic “eureka” intonation:

"A book is timeless...see the Bible: It's the oldest book ever written; and yet, it is the most read from all around the globe!" And I just had to smile back to him."

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(Excerpt from "The Royal Diary" by Ana Bowlova available at the link below):

A Hypothetical Poetical Petition

For those who think there is no time enough,
Or that life is just too short or too tough.
And you struggle and strangle your bones,
just to get one or two things done
Do not be discouraged or rough.
It's never too late to say "I love you" at least this once
or to regret what you once did.
And then do just another good deed.
That is the reward of a lifetime.
Surely indeed.
A ringing and charming chyme...
As a cherished cherry that I wish to share...

Just to cheer you up I give you a dime,
not a damn or a piece of advice,
for that would cost you a price.

You may buy me this release,
or a brand new rhyme, but please
Just don't bite me for this!
No, not for THAT piece...
For Ghost's seek'n
A heart(h)'s bliss!
Go in Peace!

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