"Hence, if you come from a rich or a poor part,
Oh, what matter is that you are always pure in heart!
Pouring love, and life will be good to you.
Emerge from the immense intense dense blue!"

Bottle up! For six sail...

Right in the middle of a forest,
In the meadow a lass and a lad
Couldn't restrain; their affection they plead:
Hos and Has, they just couldn't rest.

"Fabulous night",
Urged the lass, so glad.
"Right!" said, an impressed lad.
Yet his eyebrows quirked tight.

With caress on the grass they lied.
"Oh, a fur... bulous... A wolf!!," she said.
"Really, there's no wolf, but a lad!"
Enervated the guy replied.

Copyright © 2006 Ana Bowlova Ink


During a summer night, when the crickets were just too loudly trying to atract their mates, and I couldn't sleep at all, I created a picture book imagining a big harmonic Orchestra. (And you can get the results here):
"Crickets Boat(^l^)ing Ants"

No Races, But Rays Of Graces!

Every year in the South Hemisphere we celebrate the "Day of the Race" (not in the context of a contest) but it's particularly confusing by a global context. I'd rather call it the American's Day, for the race that is supposed to symbolize this day is the conglomerate and the blending of the Europeans who conquered America and the natives of the land discovered. It's the result of that union that this mixed race surged. And be-lieve it or not but I am an example of that race for I came from this exchange between European and Brazilian native families (and figure out what a mixture that makes!)

Talking about big parties, and the tropical taste of shinning and musical carousel of kaleidoscopic rhythm and sounds, I’ve got some holiday stories, which I propose that every day is actually a holy-day! Therefore, Today is "The Day of the Forests" (for I hope one day it will be every day...before it's too late!)

Watch out for this Electrical Forest Orchestra Parade is programmed to end after 1.500 beats, the same amount of years before the Americas were literally "dis-covered"...


And they are still! (Ironically, as I write these words, fire is taken in half a dozen reserved areas, pan·ick·in' all fauna and flora, for another unfortunate tourist might have accidentally burned the forests, while he went cooking on his improvised camping.) Considering that each leaf from the world's forest is a paying debt to our planet, my question is:
Would you burn money?

So talking about nature, the nature of things, the nature of humankind, the nature of our souls, on my writing I try to also describe and expose the nature of all natures.

For example: "Fairies of the Four Sea Sons" explains little by little how the whole year is filled with magic by the brushstrokes of each season and closes the cycle of nature at Xmas to start it all over, with the delicate touch of dazzling watercolors. And I write for children since I was myself a child. And I am growing out of it. I also see myself growing into learning more about languages, and sounds and phonetics. Should I have said growing with it instead of out of it? You got the picture: I am growing up, as I write to small children. I also grew out of my marriage as I did grow from it. Although I thought divorce was not a word on my dictionary, I had to learn that word in the hardest way possible: by experiencing IT!

I wrote 25 sonnets (for each year of my life without my ex-fiance) while I was in love with him. And another couple when I recovered from it...

Falling in Love is that easy
And leaves you with no ache.
But hard it's to get up in peace
When you just make a mistake.

It can turn you only into ashes
For as long as you can take
It can break you out in pieces.
And that is not a piece of cake...

For (the) US I married twice
Each time that I fell for guys.
Otherwise I am always a bride to be,
Not in love, but rather, love is in me.

If one doesn't fall in love with life,
He might be more dead than alive.
Those who are more afraid to live,
Don't live their lives, but another lie.

The matches burn to give light,
The body aches to receive life.

"(Ph®ases of Life by Ana Bowlova)"
Copyright © 2006 Ana Bowlova Ink. All right re-Versed!
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