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This website shows some Synopses of my Novels, such as the Suspense/Occult fictions "The Pierrot's Love" or Ice Stage and "Sensuousness" A Palindrome Wor(l)d, also my Memoirs and Articles for adults, and Picture Books, poetry and plays for both children and adults to stimulate healthy and creative views. The adults might have as much fun reading my books for kids as the children will have watching the grown-ups having fun. I've always had a photographic memory that I've tried to develop. As a writer, dancer, illustrator and choreographer I try to capture the same image I have on my mind's eye to translate it into words. I've been also quite optic-mystic and even my blood type tells me so :I'm a B-positive! I translated and illustrated a magazine entitled "Magia" published by Editora Ondas. Looking over some old files, I recently discovered that I had dyslexia before I went to school, after reviewing an old notebook where I wrote all numbers backward, such as Leonardo Da Vinci! And it seems that this latent talent runs on the family: my five-yrs-old nephew "Le Petit Nicolas" also writes his name backwards. But my love for words had me working hard to develop language skills. Maybe thanks to all my efforts to eventually overcome my deficiencies that I could see things usually in an unusual way, making my wor^l^d so peculiar. My books are unique for they come from my heart, my own life experience that I cherish and try to share it with the readers. I made my debut in the theater when I was fifteen in the
Cantata Carmina Burana
at the Opera House of Sao Paulo. Since then I've been on TV commercials, Soap Operas, Interviews, TV programs, Cinema, Magazines, Newspapers and recently at the Theatre and TVCable. I plan to create choreographies and dramatization of my stories, to be performed by all age groups. Since I will continue my career as an instructor, as a model/act-hlete, and author, Dance&Theatre should enhance my work. To know more about me (and the World) go to:
About the Author

Please, check out the Synopses from Some of my Books

Hope you enjoy my works as much as I enjoy creating. One of my books was recently published by a Canadian editor at Devine Destinies. And what a devine destiny that is!


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Comics and Picture Books for Children and Adults

Poems & Ref^l^ections

In Spanish (A Tale)

Poems and Books in French
Les Contemplations

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My Books

Flat Feet (Synopsis)
Excerpts from My Memoirs
Some Acknowledgements on my mother tongue

A Tale: True Holy & Odd Story

Dive In Action (Excerpts)
The Royal Diary-An Excerpt
My Blog
Plays and Essays in Portuguese
Ana "do" Don Juan
Ana Log
The Latin Tongue Lives Long

Some Acknowledgements In English as a SL

"Santos" (in Portuguese)

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My Article About QI Gong: Ballet With "T"

Healing Arts for and from the Heart
Helping Essay On Health Issue

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Mr Mc Naught

MOM Palyndrome
DAO Videos
My Poems

A Co^S^mic Fairy Tale
Bee Wit!
Voto Brasil
IT Heart
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Comics and Picture Books

Free Stories":

Mister "E"
The "C" Secret
Born 3
Dance As One

Picture Books with rhymes in Portuguese, English and Spanish (also available as a pocket book)

"Sea Sons/Filhos do mar"
"Quicker Quaker Cracker/A Velha Quaker"
When Dance Fell in Love with Music
Fables of Milk Shake Spirit (A Play)

Three (Free) Story Books (For Bookstores):

School 'S-Cool!
What If Jesus Had Only Nine Toes?


The Angel in Blue


True Holy & Odd Story

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True Holy & Odd Story

My Tunes

Sound of a Sonnet

Bored Free
So glad the Muses gave me some time
And I am feeling so free to rhyme.
I write by the beat of my own heart
And there I embrace a brand-new start.

I am used to learn music by hearing,
by ear... there's this sound of a ring
I play by the heat of the moment
or what the muse decides to consent.

I randomly write the words I sing.
Then I compose some notes and I swing,
grabbing my pen like a microphone,
so passionate of what I have done.

That's for me what counts inside and out,
what music and poetry are all about!

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My Videos

Dance As One (DAO)

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Some Acknowledgements on my mother tongue

(Brazilian Portuguese):

Lembro bem dos meus primeiros cinco aninhos. Recordo que eu tinha que caminhar o que para mim eram interminaveis "mil leguas supra-marinas(...)
Onde eu deverei estar daqui a 30 anos?

Provavelmente com a mesma docura no olhar, com o mesmo idealismo; talvez mais sabia e mais justa, mas igual de inocente. Pois que a vida nao perdera jamais a singeleza desde que rememoraveis anos repassem sob nossos cora´┐Żoes sempre que assim almejarmos.

Talvez a inocencia esteja no olhar pequenino de cada menino que esmera ser feliz.

E o idealismo seja o de alcancarmos todos a felicidade plena; simples, assim, como o caminhar num dia de sol na orla da praia de Santos.

(Veja trechos do livro "Erosoterica" versao em Portugues de "Geometrie de Desirs", ou "Geometry of Designs"):

"Autobiografia de uma Bailarina Cosmica":
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The Angel in Blue

AngelBlue An Angel in Blue To Be Continued...

Dive In Action


A koan common to "^l^":
The land is white
The seed is black
Can see only by light
Cannot be a bric-a-brac

What's black and white, re(a)d all over,
With 2 o in the middle, a back and a k-over?

Flat Feet


"Flat Feet"
An Autobiography of a Cosmic Dancer


Excerpts from My Memoirs

I can feel poetry in each and every flowing sentence that my spirit may produce. Life abounds from my soul and pours down through my veins, increasing in energy and vitality. Heading the melting ice to the oceans of emotions and diversifying my creations I dare to fulfill all of my dreams, which are to enchant many a heart or two with my lyrics. For me, all this rides on the strength that is borne from my life-long love of Art.

More of My Memoir

Some NewS In US(e)

My Newsletters (Updated):

Don't Mind A Time Out of Mind...Dream on Flight!
"The leaf's naMe inherent aChe: Katherine Mansfield"
Live & Work in ^U^S
Dad Can Dance
Time Vision is An Illusion that Pass Way Too Fast!
Can't "Bye" Me, Love!
Belle Toujours!!
Some Acknowledgements In English as a SL
A Blast From the Past More Lasting than Brass in the Grass
The Latin Tongue Lives (A)long While A G(r)eek Alphabet Make us a Song!
Dancing On Wor(^l^)ds Entice Dancing On Fire & Ice
A Serene Sheltered Shuttle Away from the Hustle and Bustle
Drop the Mask and Face the Task!!
If You Fe(e)ll A S-Quash Don't You Miss the Splash!
Names that You Can Frame or Get You into F(^l^)ame
Thanksgiving's Acknowledging the Receiving
No Dumb, A Dreamer Who Plays The Drums And Drama!

RockYou Gizmoz
T*hanks for seeing me on the crowd!
I won't say it loud, turn up the sound
Pop up any time and see you around.

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