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From Amazon travel, by bus, small plane or private guide . Quito is a unique city, rich in history which should be explored if time
The Amazon travel Rainforest has long been a symbol of mystery and power, a sacred link between humans and nature. It is also the richest biological incubator on the planet. It supports millions of plant, animal and insect species – a virtual library of chemical invention. In these archives, drugs like quinine, muscle relaxants, steroids and cancer drugs are found. More importantly, are the new drugs still awaiting discovery – drugs for AIDS, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer’s. Many secrets and untold treasures await discovery with the medicinal plants used by shamans, healers and the indigenous people of the Rainforest Tribes. So alluring are the mysteries of indigenous medical knowledge that over 100 pharmaceutical companies and even the US government are currently funding projects studying the indigenous plant knowledge and the specific plants used by native shamans and healers.

The Lodges which accommodate you in the jungle offer comfort and security for hiking out to discover the boundless flora and fauna.

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