Naturist sailing! Voile nudiste! Velar con nudistas! Nackt segeln!

Naturist sailing! Voile naturiste! Velar con nudistas! Nackt segeln!


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The Free Body, Mind, & Spirit Society from now on will hold its retreats on board of the sailing trimaran Alkanimu and we invite congenial people of all alternative or conventional lifestyles, ages, and ethnicities to join us as crew on a expense-sharing basis. We will have a few short cruises off the "Florida Keys"island chain and then embark on a voyage to the lands of our philosophical origins, ending hopefully in South-East Asia. With a few stops in between to enjoy the sights, people and cultures of the islands and countries in between.

Ika says: I'd rather sail NAKED!

The boat is a 57’ by 25’ (18x9m) large, cutter rigged trimaran sailing yacht and sleeps at least 16 in seven (7) cabins, with stand-up headroom throughout, and two "heads" (toilets) in the three hulls, under a spacious deck big enough for group exercising, yoga, or dancing. She had worked as a live-aboard diving charter vessel in the Caribbean for 30 years before her original owner-skipper turned her over to us upon retiring.

We can sail at 15 knots or motor at 10. Watermaker and refrigerator are aboard. Plenty of electricity is provided by Mother Nature from wind and solar generators, with back up from biodiesel-fuelled engines.

Sail Naked! In tropical Waters

We are now in the islands of the Florida Keys where the weather is always perfect for naturist sailing. We sail on weekend or weeklong cruises where clothing and swinging are optional. All consenting couples are invited to join us for nature and body worship, and the more mundane, but fun, activities of sunbathing, seeing and be seen, swimming, diving, snorkeling, fishing in the secluded anchorages off uninhabited islands, and on one the world’s largest coral reef just offshore.

Wildlife abounds around us in the clean environment of the islands: Dolphins, whales, manatees, turtles, iguanas, manta rays, pelicans, flamingoes, egrets, herons, ospreys, alligators, miniature deer, lobster, crabs, coral and invertebrate, and an abundance of fish of all sizes.

Grundriss, diagram

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Snorkel, dive & schwim in warm, clear waters! Helm the huge antique steering wheel!

The two end points of our present cruising waters are: Key West, the southernmost and "swingingest", town of the USA, and Miami South Beach, the decadent gathering spot of the glitterati and sophisticates of this hemisphere. Both places are ideal for venturing ashore for local lifestyle venues. There are several nude and topless beaches. The boarding or disembarking points for our sailings are at different points along the 100 miles of the famed Overseas Highway (US-1) connection the Keys with each other and the mainland. Local transport (Keys Shuttle, Greyhound Shuttle) will take you back to the reality of the big city airports. Or you can leave from the small airports of Key West or Marathon, FL. Miami and Ft Lauderdale have the most frequent and the cheapest airline connections to anywhere in the world. Of course, you can also reach any of our landings by automobile or bike.

You will sail on the boat with all the privileges and duties of crew, like taking the helm, navigating, keeping a sharp lookout, hoisting, reefing, and trimming sails, learning as you go or applying your previous sailing knowledge under the command of the experienced captain. Minimum crew for day/weekend sails is two (2), for overnight cruises four (4) for five days, and for off-shore passages six (6).

Donations towards the goals of the Society are welcomed: 80 per couple (m/f; f/f; m/m) or you can have the entire yacht for yourselves for 500 per 24-hr day. We welcome all libertine lifestyles, ages, ethnicities and cultures. Family cruises can be arranged too (minimum 6 pp). One may confirm one’s crew positions by advancing half of the donation, or take one’s chances by showing up in person, last-minute (all donations are non-refundable for any reason). In any case, make contact by E-mail for the current harbor location to fkkusa @ (delete the anti-spam spaces.-- Sorry, no telephone on board).

Bring your own food and drinks (no hard liquor). We have a full galley (kitchen) and 2 grills on board, but do not allow meat preparation since most of us are vegetarian for health and spiritual reasons. If you must have animal proteins you may try to catch fish or lobster (check local regulations) and grill them on deck. You may have us cook vegetarian food for you at 20/pp/3 meals/day. Drunkenness and drug-use will not be tolerated, suspected violators will be put ashore. Smoking will only be allowed on deck, downwind from everybody else. (Whoever wishes to join the crew for the long-term should be non-smoking, drug-and-alcohol-forsaking vegetarian.)

The weather in the sub-tropical Florida Keys seems to be an endless summer, with lots of sunshine and steady breezes all year long, keeping every body comfortable, on deck or in the shady cockpit, especially nudists. Below the well-insulated decks it never seems to get too hot, with plenty of natural sea breezes blowing through. Clean ocean waters around the boat invite for a cooling swim when we anchor (water temperature is usually above 80° F/27° C). Fresh water showers may be taken on deck and in the bathroom.

Ó 2003-04 by The Free Body, Mind & Spirit Society, a non-profit, non-denominational, free-thinking, free-will religious organization.

Fractional Ownership Investment Opportunity of Our Yacht

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