NOTE: My english is not very good >.< *hope you can read all*, therefore my adopted and bought pet sites are in german only.
The agency and market sites are in english, but many smaller than the german ones, sry ^^".

"Welcome to the Mystic Realm of Elements."

Greets you a mixture from panthers, Capricorn and bull, with three small bells at a long tail and Butterfly-Wings on the back.

You look to the extraordinary animal and realize that you are in a fully dark room with no walls or a floor here, but five small sources of light hover in the darkness.

The creature speak further:
"I am the guard of this realm. Here you can adopt many creatures. It gives five realms: The Forest-Area ( open ), Ice-Area, Fire-Area, Sea-Area and Desert-Area, where they life. Are you a good parent and want to adopt ?"

The creature examines you exactly and runs to one of the sources of light:
"If yes, touch an of these symbols and explore the realms."

The Lost Lake         Land of Eternal Ice          Desert of Souls

          The Midnight Forest

"Or visit the market."
It smiles mysteriously before it disappears in the darkness....


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