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Aithilin (n.): Ay-th'l-`in
1. A name derived from Tolkienís Sindarin; "Aithil"-- meaning a natural font of water. The "in" suffix denoting gender as the feminine. Established between 1994 and 1996.
2. A strange creature; shows elements of fox, human, and feline characteristics-- It likes books and music.
3. Better left unexplained.


August 10th, 2007: The fic, Alonzo has been updated with a new (short) chapter; Chapter Six. While I have new pictures (a lot) to post, I'm lazy, so they won't be up for a while.

There seems to have been a bit of fuss kicked up by bored kids on summer break at Golden Jellicles. Yeah, it's just sad now-- and it proves all points about children needing supervision online (or better hobbies. At the very least, better english skills and common sense). More important news includes tuition being paid (woot! Post-post-secondary?), apartment being rented, and... Stardust! Neil Gaiman novel turned movie, go see! Well, read the book first. The man is an amazing writer, and still amazes me with his ability to create new worlds. On a similar note, I've been thinking of fics for a few books.

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