How to get more Pokemon
It's simple, battle.  The hard part is winning, but all you have to do is battle.  You gain 1 point when you lose, 3 points when it's a draw (should that ever happen, not likely but just in case) and 6 points if you win.  You may exchange 15 of your accumulated points for a new Pokemon of your choice.  Now you can get Mewtwo, but he'll cost 45 points.
Staritinaea's Stats
Attacks it can Learn:
Waterfall, Flamethrower, Ice Punch, Razor Leaf, Confusion, Lick, Thunderbolt, Rock Slide, Bone Club, Submission, Mega Punch, Twineedle, Mirror Move, Hyper Beam, Growth, Agility, Sharpen, Defence Curl, Double Team
Type: Normal
Hit Points: 348
Attack: 268
Defence: 278
Speed: 278
Special: 268
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