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Last updated: Tuesday, December 05, 2000
To anyone that joins: please, challenge someone to a battle once you've submitted!  We need things to get going a little faster.  Don't think the club is dead, as I'm still getting at least 2 new people per week!  Just hit the Trainer Page and make yourself known!

...and yes, I will have win/loss records for people.  However, to make it up for every person in the club would take too long, so I'll only list those that have actually battled, ok?
Your best bet for starting a battle is to e-mail or ICQ message someone that you find on the Trainers Page.  Since I'm usually very busy, challenging me would probably be unfulfilling...on top of unwise.
For those of you with ICQ, my ICQ # is 16518580.
I urge you get ICQ, it can make battles go a lot faster.
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