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Farming Business
Personal Values.

I value good health-physical, emotional and spiritual and to work to keep those in good balance. One's health is truly a very precious commodity. I value my relationship with people; family, loved ones, friends and community. I believe that it is important to be authentic, honest, and understanding with others and to try to help make a positive difference in this world. I want to continue to grow and learn, respect life, value its diversity and work for justice, equality, environmental protection, and safe, affordable food system. I value to travel it is always good to explore and see how others live. It is an education into itself. I value the philosophy of letting others live as they will. It is basic human rights, I believe, to be free to live and love as I choose without fear of per or discrimination.

Economic Values

I value living modestly. I try to practice wise management of my financial resources. I want to make a honest living. I enjoy promoting Farming by use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to curb the Digital divide between Rural Development and Urban development - make innovative use of social Media Tools and web 2.0 to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of day to day work and to enhance communication between beneficiaries and partners.

Environmental Values

I believe in leaving my environment better than how I found it. I strive to be a good steward of the land, trying to help maintain and enhance soil, water, and air quality through sustainable farming practices. My father who has been a government worker for a long time working as a Court Justice Wilson Makuwerere has been my inspiration in terms environmental Conservation.

Where he lives in Chongwe under Chief Bunda bunda, its the only land remaining with beautiful trees standing. Its amassing to see the trees as it is the only area remaining with a lot of trees. I want to make sure that I take charge as he has grown old. I will use this land for my farming business.

I am currently working on my livestock business plan.

Community values

It is important for me to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I want to make a positive difference in my community and be a good role model for other young men and women who may have an interest in sustainable farming. I will support local economy as much as I can, realising that this effort, in itself, help sustain the community.


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