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Paperdoll! (dressed in zinnias - click & see)


A bbw is a big beautiful woman. That fact is more well-known in the US than in Australia. In about three years and nine months I have had over 54,500 hits to this page. I average over 39 hits a day. The majority of those hits are as a result of the bbw webrings (see below) which I belong to, plus the lists of bbw web pages which link to this page. A photo of me

 What does that tell us? It tells us that there are many people who specifically appreciate women who are at least plump. In fact, it is estimated that at least 10% of American men are "fa's" - "fat admirers" - that is, men who appreciate women with full figures - but I have been told by an American man that a third of the men there are fa's!

I believe that the attitude of society & the media towards fat women will improve as our self esteem increases. How can that happen?

My journey started with BBW magazine, from the US. Unfortunately the Australian BBW magazine (which was excellent, I have seen back copies) is no longer with us. I started buying the US version of BBW magazine in 1993, but a few months later it disappeared from my newsagent, so I subscribed. 

HEY! If you are an unmarried Australian bbw, email me & ask me nicely, if you would like your (recent) photo included on this web site, FREE!


We're looking for fat musicians to play in an original band, fat 
belly-dancers who want to perform on stage with us, and anybody with 
business/promotional skills (no prior showbiz experience requried) who 
help us get this show on the road.

We've got two positive fat songs ("The Show Isn't Over Till The Fat 
Sings" and "I'm A Goddess") that we want to release as our first 

But we can't do it alone -- we need your help!

If you're at all interested, please leave a message here, or e me on:


Let's make it happen!
Hi my name is Julie.  I like to laugh and hear a good joke.  I like most types of music and enjoy singing.  I'm a large woman with a large heart.  I believe you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.  I have a lot of love to give to the right person.  Not into night clubbing at all...but like bbqs with friends,  and enjoy sitting around a fire and singing and joking.  I have a beautiful 6 yr old daughter whom I love with all my heart.  I like going to the movies, and generally having a  good laugh with friends.  My puppy is very special to me too.   I'm 5'10, have shoulder length blonde hair,  hazel eyes and a lovely smile.  I'm a large lady and I know how to dress and make myself presentable.  I carry myself well.  I take pride in my appearance, and I'm losing weight at the moment,  and have made healthy life style changes:  I have started going to the gym,  and love going for walks.  I'm doing this for myself,  and not for what other people think I should do.   If you would like to contact me,  my email address is jewelsbbbbb@yahoo.com.au


Mel Hi, my name is Melissa, I am 25, live in Sydney, a party girl who is finally looking to settle down. I love going out clubbing, to restaurants, the beach, listening to music, and dancing. I have a great sense of humour, and am fun to be around. I work full time as a business analyst, and am intelligent and independent. I can be contacted at meljcash@hotmail.com Mel's face
Leila I'm a 22 year old female from Melbourne, Australia.  Always looking to make new online friends and chat!  My interests include music, singing, motorsports, computers and the 'net.  I currently work in IT, study IT/Business and sing semi-professionally.  Email me at leila184@hotmail.com, ICQ me on 20384255 or visit my website at http://come.to/BlackBeauty. Leila, closer
Megan in red Hi, I'm Megan, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I'm 18, and studying international business. I aim to be a computer systems operator. I'm shy at first, but I love to laugh. If you're 18-25, outgoing with a sense of humour, you can email me at: megsy_81@hotmail.com Megan smiling

I have also subscribed to Radiance magazine, & Dimensions magazine, both from the US.  (I believe the last issue of Radiance magazine was published in December 2000, but there are still plenty of interesting links from the Radiance magazine web site, see link above.)   (September 2001 seems to have been the last printed issue of Dimensions magazine, but the web site (see link above) appears to be current.)  Mode magazine, also from the US, used models on the lower end of the fat scale - but unfortunately Mode magazine seems to no longer be in existence.  

Closer to home was
New Zealand Bella - the southern hemisphere’s only lifestyle quarterly magazine with a fashion focus on plus sizes. The NZBella magazine seems to have also folded.
I hope that soon there will again be an Australian magazine for bbw - a glossy colour fashion magazine, with size acceptance & appreciation letters, articles, fiction & personals - but with models & fashions in size 18 (US size 14) & up. After all, size 18 (US size 14), or even size 16 (US size 12) is where most fashion & lingerie manufacturers stop in Australia - this I hope, will change in future.

I felt more attractive after reading each magazine edition - but the real boost came when I discovered the size acceptance movement online.

On the internet we can visit bbw friendly websites, read about & see pictures of bbw who are happy with their appearance, & share information, & support & encourage one another.

There are a lot of clubs, dances & other social events for bbw & those who appreciate them in the US & Canada.

I'd like there to be similar events where I live in Queensland, Australia - & all over Australia too. The trouble is, even though, as in the US, more than half of our female population is over size 16 (US size 12) - the vast majority of those seem to be dieting, & hating & feeling ashamed of their bodies. Accepting & appreciating our bodies without trying to shrink them, is perceived as a radical idea here, it seems.

There now is a Queensland Size Acceptance Association, with thirteen members so far. You may contact the owner of this list at: Qldsize-acceptance-owner@yahoogroups.com

There are a few Yahoo groups which deserve a mention, because they have so many members:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aussiebbwappreciation/, which has 1,273 members;

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bbwsandtheiradmirersinaus/, which has 558 members;

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/australiasbbw/, which has 634 members; &

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/donttellmewhatsizeimustb/, which has 1,091 members.

Some Australian men who appreciate women who are more than slender seem to be "backward in coming forward". Perhaps their admiration has been met with disbelief by women they have fancied in the past?

If you're an Australian reading this, please sign my guestbook or email me & let me know how you feel about what I've written here. I'd especially like to hear from bbw & admirers from the Biloela area. No matter where you are in the world, I'd like to hear from you.

22/10/02:  I started cycling eleven months ago, gradually working up by a minute a day until I reached 40 minutes in January.  For the last nine months I've been cycling for 40 minutes a day. Don't let anyone tell you that you're fat because you don't exercise - nor that if you would only exercise for forty minutes a day you'll soon be slender! - because I'm still wearing the same size in clothing as I was before I started!  


Australian Links:
(contact me if you know of any others)
Ab-Fab Australia (handpainted silk & other gorgeous things)
Angels Shoes ("for hard-to-fit feet")
Bathers for Big Girls (swimwear for women, bust sizes 38-62 inches)
BBW Downunder (has web chat, galleries, & message board, too)
BIGgals Model Agency (Plus size online model search, based in Sydney - sizes 14-20)
Big Girls Don't Cry (Anymore) (bras & lingerie - sizes available 8 - 34, cup size B - J)
Big Guys Australia (clothes, shoes and more in large and hard-to-find sizes - offering a made-to-measure service, mail order catalogue, internet specials, & sizing service)
Big in Black (hand made in Australia - casual, business, evening wear & swimwear for discerning women - quality clothing, for looking your best - affordable style and elegance  - made to measure - sizes 14 - 40+)
Buxom! Intimatewear (offers more than 500 designs in all types of lingerie, from classic romantic to sexy, cheeky styles, with secure online purchasing)
Chelsea Bonner (plus size model)
Cuddles & Curves Lingerie (everyday bras in sizes 8 to 34 with cup sizes B to J and sexy lingerie from 8 to 26)
Generous Net (personal profiles from Australia)
The Goddess is Dancing ("Shahira's little story")
Kingsize Menswear - Big & Tall (a family owned business)
Lisa's Lacies (lingerie to enhance and flatter the larger figure in gorgeous colours - some to size 40)
Lord Jack Big Mens Clothing (bringing you the finest fashions for tall, big and athletically built men)
Margg's Collection Plus (bridal gowns & lingerie - up to size 30)
Melbourne BBW (the first Melbourne based web site created exclusively for the big beautiful women of Melbourne )
Mia: Maralyn's Intimate Apparel Queensland (Australian made & owned lingerie to size 24, home presentations or one on one)
My Size ("created out of a need for women sizes 14 to 26 to have access to clothing that is fashionable, affordable and able to accommodate all the lifestyle requirements of a busy modern woman")
O'Brien Design Studio (from WA, he designs & sells clothing for bbws - sizes 16-36)
Rosenberg Shoes ("specialist retailer in large sizes")
Silk Palette ("a vibrant, luxury range of fashion in sizes 16-26")
The Special Size Company (specialising in womens' clothing - sizes 14-32)
2Roads Design Pty L (online store [sizes 8-26], magazine, model search, fashion extravaganza, and more)
Viva Swim (mix & match swimwear in sizes 12-22 with bust support & tummy control)
Wendy's Swimwear (swimsuits from sizes 8 - 30)
Zynnya's Art Gallery (mine, with links to the art of other bbw)


Reciprocal Links:

(for size acceptance pages outside Australia)

BBW Date Finder (a dating service for large and lovely singles)
Buckworks Online Shopping Directory (plus sizes & more)
Everything BBW (list of all things plus size on the 'net)
Largely Happy (a light hearted book by New Zealand writer Lynda Finn)
Living Large (magazine, personals, modeling)
More to Love Fitness (size friendly, positive outlook, fitness for the fun of it)
Pat Ballard (romance novels with big beautiful heroines)
Uppity Women (fat positive links)


Learning Curves : Living Your Life in... The Bodacious Book of Succulence :...
cover cover
FAT!SO? : Because You Don't Have to... Fed-Up : A Woman's Guide to Freedom from the
The Forbidden Body : Why Being Fat Is...Forbidden Body  The Invisible Woman : Confronting Weight...
Life Is Not a Dress Size : Rita Farro's... Real Gorgeous : The Truth About Body and...
cover cover
 Size Wise; A Catalog of More Than 1000... Wake Up, I'm Fat
cover cover
Bountiful Women: Large Women's Secrets for Living the Life They Desire An Abundant Woman (a romance novel)
cover cover


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Paperdoll! (bbw fun - click & see)

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