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    I went through a time period in second and third grade where I bought literally nothing but video games.  My brother, who was then in fifth grade, was interested in selling some of his video games, and using the money to buy other stuff.  He sold a few SNES games to Funcoland, making forty-eight dollars.  However, this money was only good at Funcoland.  He wanted to buy things at other stores.  So I traded him forty-eight real dollars for a slip of pink paper.
    By then (December) the money was about five months old.  Funcoland credits are good only for one year.  So I decided to wait and use it later, when game prices went down.  Yup, I was already a cheapskate in third grade.
    Eventually, July game around, and I decided to use my money.  So, one fateful day, I went down to Funcoland, intent on buying Street Racer and Madden 96.  The guy picked out the games and rang up the total to just over fifty dollars.  I took a five and the pink credit out of my pocket.  The man seemed satisfied, only to rebuke the credit seconds later.  "I'm sorry, this has expired," he said. 
    I was infuriated.  I grabbed the the pink slip.  "The expiration date says '7/96'," I told him.  "We're still in July."
    "Yes," he said.  "But it was issued on the 12th of July last year.  Today is the 15th.  It is over a year old, and has therefore expired."
    We went back and forth for a while.  Yes, it was over a year old, but, going by the expiration date, it was still valid.  Eventually, he got pissed and ripped up the slip.  I walked out of the store with the games, but I had to pay for them with green.
    I wasn't about to let forty-eight dollars go down the drain.  That is a lot of money, and it seemed like even more because of my age.  So I wrote Funcoland this letter
explaining my situation.  (Please read the letter before continuing.)
    A long time passed.  One day, I received a call from Funcoland.  They said that they were sorry for what happened.  They offered to give me a full refund if I brought in the slip.  Only problem being that the employee had ripped up my credit.  I tried to tell them that, but they didn't buy it.  I had lost forty-eight bucks.

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