When My NES Worked

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    It was the February vacation, around 1:00 PM, and I was just messing around on the Internet.  My memory doesn't work too well, but I'm pretty sure that I was on the NES Smackdown.  All of a sudden my mom yelled to me, "Brian, turn around!"
    I spun the swivel chair 180 degrees and looked out a window.  There, walking up to my front door, was a UPS man carrying a large box about the size of a 20 inch TV.  I ran to the front door as he set the package down.  When he had left, I opened the door and brought the box inside.
    I already knew what it was, but I couldn't wait to open it.  I tore open the package and was greeted with a tangle of wires.  I pulled on them, which brought five controllers into view.  Below the wires were two score games and an NES system.
    I held everything.  It was in great cosmetic condition.  I held it up to the light.  Most games looked squeaky clean.  Excitedly, I ran down to my basement, propped the system up on a shelf and plugged in the controllers.
    After fiddling around with controls on the TV for awhile, I was able get a picture.  I was greeted with Super Mario Bros.' title screen.  Eagerly, I sat down to play.
    Everything worked fine.  For now.
    After playing all the SMB I could stand for one day, I put Excitebike in my NES.  And that's when the problems started.  At first, the screen just stayed white.  I jiggled the cart around.  I saw a flashing screen, and when the screen appeared, I could see words.  I'm making progress, I thought.  But in reality, I wasn't.
    I couldn't get Excitebike to work, which was, to me, a major drag.  I went online and found out that my problems were due to, as I'm sure you know, dirty games and a dirty system.
    The next morning, I decided to see which games worked and which games didn't.  About a dozen of the forty games worked.
    At that moment I decided that I was not going to be stupid.  My NES was going to go unplayed until I got a cleaning kit.
    It was a long two weeks before I got the cleaning kit.  When I did, I immediately cleaned all my games.  There was only one problem.  I couldn't reach it back far enough to clean the system.
    My dad's handiwork soon changed that.  After he "modified" the cleaning clip, I was able to reach the system.  I cleaned it probably a good five times.
    I then looked down upon my game collection.  Each one of them seemed to beg "play me first!"  In the end, I decided that Mega Man II would be slid into the NES as a test of the cleaning.
    Performing the action we all know so well, I ran Mega Man II down along the black piece of plastic, waiting until it was firmly locked against the connector.  I then pushed the black plastic down.  With my heart full of hope but my mind expecting the worst, I pushed power.  I was greeted by a steadfast red light.
  Not wasting a second, I turned on the TV.  I heard the tinny little title tune of Mega Man II, and, once the TV started up, the Mega Man II title screen.  I let out a yell of jubilation.  My NES worked.

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