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You had better look at this lots, becuase you don't know how long it took me to make.  I typed up the whole thing by hand because I'm an idiot.  Anyways, here are the spoils of my hard work.  Enjoy!

By Title

Probably the best style.

thru Captain Planet
thru Fast Break

thru Joshua

thru Ms. Pacman

thru Rocketeer

thru Tecmo Super Bowl

thru Zombie Nation

By Company

Use if you want to know all games made by a certain company.

thru Atlus
thru Color Dreams

thru Hi Tech

thru Koei

thru Nexoft

thru SNK

thru Tecmo

thru Wisdom Tree

By Rarity

Use if you want a list of the rare games.  Other Rarity Lists organized by rarity say some stupid things, for instance the one on TSR's NES Archive claims that Excitebike needs a power pad.  But I made sure this one has no mistakes.
thru A-
thru B+

thru B
(up to Joust)
thru B

thru B-

thru C+

thru C

thru F

As of now I do not have unreleased games on the lists.  Lists were broken down into sections of about 100 games to keep pages loading quickly.

Rarity List v. 4.0 info

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